Monster Energy Pro Circuit?s Troy Adams thought his season was over before it even started back in October when he suffered a broken femur while testing for the upcoming West Coast Supercross Lites Series. Move forward 3 months: Call it a medical marvel or perhaps a blessing in disguise because Troy Adams is back on the track pounding out laps andgetting his moto legs back underneath him. Troy said, “After the injury I really thought I was done and my season was over”. But after following hisdoctors orders and getting the go-ahead, Troy started a serious cardioand fitness training program with Scott USA?s Steve Kwait about three weeks after the injury.

Troy Said “The training I?m doing is the most intense I?ve ever done! And has me in the best shape of my life. Physically, I am in the best shape that I have ever been in! The first week back on my Kawasaki KXF250, left my leg feeling a little tired, and a couple of muscle aches,but nothing serious. The best thing is that my speed is picking up quickly and everything is coming back in place. Of course the first time I threw my leg out for a corner, I was a little timid, but who wouldn?t be.”

My goal now is to attend the last couple of races in the East Coast Lites Rounds and then the Nationals. When asked how he felt about his expectations for the Nationals, Troy said “Definitely On The Podium”


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