Round seven of the 2018 SRA GP season took place in the last week of August to another big crowd. The JCR Honda team has been making SRA a regular stop and Trevor Stewart has been the top man more times than not. This time the 450 Expert class was tougher than usual, with Chaparral Kawasaki rider Blayne Thompson, Slamlife Honda’s Mark Samuels and Suzuki’s Gary Sutherlin trying to make things difficult. Stewart again came out on top, though. As the heat gets more intense, the crew at SRA decided to make the next GP a night team race. On September 29, sign up will open at 4:00 p.m. and racing will start at dusk, going for 90 minutes plus one lap on a full GP course. Click here to learn more about SRA round eight.

Click here for results to round seven.


Trevor Stewart was the fastest man at round 7 of the SRA GP series. Photo by Sean Renshaw.
John Begin leads a hungry pack of talented super Seniors through Talladega. He would eventually finish seventh in class. Photo by Sean Renshaw.
Gordon Ward is getting faster if that’s possible. He won the 40 expert and 50 expert classes. Photo by Sean Renshaw.
Jeff Hughes negotiates some of Glen Helen’s infamous rollers. Photo by Sean Renshaw.
Johnny Campbell has been an SRA regular, along with his son Preston. Photo by Sean Renshaw.
Lauren Woods won the Woman’s Expert class, climbing to fourth overall in race 5. Photo by Sean Renshaw.
Kaitlyn Jacobs was second in the woman’s expert class with a 5-minute lead. Photo by Sean Renshaw.
Max Shane won the 65 class after a close race with Dustyn Davis. Photo by Sean Renshaw.
Dustin Davis got his speed the old fashion way. He inherited it from father Ty. Photo by Sean Renshaw.
Mikayla Nielson led every lap of the 85cc expert class. Photo by Sean Renshaw.
Photo by Sean Renshaw.

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