Josh Toth: “The cross test was just super slippery and I  just struggled all day on Saturday and I just kind of fell back,” said Toth. “Those guys  took advantage of that on day one, but as the day went on I got better. I went a little softer on suspension just because the track wasn’t really getting tore up and those changes helped a lot.”



FMF/KTM’s Josh Toth and AmPro Yamaha’s Layne Michael locked horns at this weekend’s Olde Mill Farm Sprint Enduro, round five of the US Sprint Enduro Series in Charlotte, Maryland, the two riders splitting “day” wins in the Pro division. In the end, Toth took the overall win for the weekend, beating Michael by just under three seconds for the two days combined.


Layne Michael: “Toth obviously had us covered in the enduro test,” said Michael. “Today I was much better in the enduro test. Unfortunately, I crashed in the first one and lost about seven seconds, and then lost out for the overall by just under three seconds. I’m kicking myself right now. It’s a little mental error. It would have been nice to win the overall, but we at least swapped days on points and we live to fight another day.”


Michael eventually beat Toth by eight seconds for Saturday’s top Pro honors, however, Pro 2 competitor Cody Barnes (Phoenix Racing Honda) had both of the two front-runners covered, posting Saturday’s fastest “overall” time. It was Barnes’ first time to clock the fastest overall time for a full day. Barnes turned the quickest time in all three cross tests as well as in the first enduro test. At the end of the day, Barnes was six seconds quicker than Michael.


Cody Barnes: Josh and Layne, they were going at it and they definitely stepped it up. Overall, just to be competitive with those guys and even have tests that are close to them and battle for test wins with them, it’s awesome for me.”


Toth came out swinging in Sunday’s first enduro test, beating Michael by 12 seconds to work his way back in the hunt for the overall. Michael won the first two cross tests, but by not nearly as much as he did on Saturday, as Toth was clearly picking up the pace in the cross tests. Heading into the sixth and final test of the day, Toth and Michael were virtually tied for the overall win, with Toth holding less than a second lead. Toth had won the previous two enduro tests on Sunday and he was quickest again in the final one, beating Michael by a little over two seconds and sealing the day win and the overall victory for the weekend.


Tely Energy KTM’s Liam Draper turned in some impressive test times en route to third in the Pro division and fourth overall. Seven-Sixty Husqvarna’s Thorn Devlin finished a strong fifth overall and second in the Pro 2 division, including one Pro 2 test win and RPM Racing KTM’s Gus Riordan struggled with the woods section, but still managed sixth overall and third Pro 2 rider.


Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Tayla Jones won nine of the 12 tests to win the Women’s Pro division.




  1. Josh Toth (KTM)
  2. Layne Michael (Yam)
  3. Cody Barnes (Hon)
  4. Liam Draper (KTM)
  5. Thorn Devlin (Hsq)
  6. Gus Riordan (KTM)
  7. Cole Forbes (KTM)
  8. Gavin Simon (Hsq)
  9. Neil Enman (GG)
  10. RJ Cook (GG)

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