Here at the magazine we are seeing a huge influx on new families joining the sport, especially when it comes to the younger rider demographic. For a lot of these families, this is their first introduction to off-road dirt bike riding, and the thought of gas-powered machines can be a bit intimidating. Torrot is a Spanish manufacturer of electric motorcycles that has a variety of models made specifically for the young beginner rider.

Jacob and Austin Tilley testing the limits of Torrots kids electric bikes.


The Motocross One is designed for kids ages 4 to 7, and the Motocross Two models are designed for kids slightly older, ranging in age from 7 to 11 years of age. Torrot recently updated both machines, and they are based on a similar platform.

With the recent updates, Torrot incorporated the use of an EBR hydraulic aluminum front fork, aggressive off-road Michelin tires, and a high-output Torrot electric engine with programmable controller option. The throttle is connected to a charge indicator display that shows exactly how much power the battery has. The redesigned frame and swingarm are constructed out of chrome-molybdenum for durability with a hydraulic shock in the rear.

Torrot has introduced a parental control system on both the Motocross One and Two models that is wireless and controlled through the Torrot app on most Android or iOS smartphones. The user can increase or decrease power output, or even shut down the machine altogether and keep it locked so no unsupervised use of the bike is possible.

Torrot is one of only a few manufacturers that has a rechargeable battery that can be easily removed in seconds and be replaced by a new battery or recharged while still in place on the bike.


The kids’ Motocross One and Two models from Torrot are 100 percent designed for the beginner market and are not intended to be raced or used by experienced moto kids or adults. These machines are very easy to understand and operate for both rider and parent. The new parental control option is not only good for peace of mind, but it worked flawlessly in our experience, allowing us to increase power as our test riders became more comfortable controlling it. If your kids have limited experience on two wheels and maybe you aren’t comfortable with mixing gas, jetting carburetors or some of the other tasks that come with being a mini-bike parent, then the new Torrot Motocross models might just be the perfect fit.

SIDE-BY-SIDE SPECIFICATIONS Motocross Two vs. Motocross One

FRAME Moto Two: Moto One:

  • Tubular chromoly steel frame    (moto two)  √    (moto one) √


  • Hydraulic fork.    √  √
  • Wheel travel  95mm (3.7″)    √  √


  • DNM gas-shock absorber, preload adjustment.   √  √
  • Wheel travel  (moto two)  4.9″ , (moto one)  3.7″


  • Hydraulic brake system front and rear disc    √  √


  • 48V programmable top speed, power, throttle sensitive and regeneration   √  √


  • Watts: (moto two) 600W–1500W,  (moto one) 350W–840W
  • Max. speed 25,  mph 19 mph  


  • 48V LiNiCoMn 8.8Ah with BMS (Battery Management System) integrated and portable    √  √

RIMS Moto Two: Moto One:

  • Aluminum    √  √
  • Front: 14″ x 1.60″,    10″ x 1.60″
  • Rear: 12″ x 1.85″ ,   10″ x 1.60″


  • Michelin Starcross √√  Front: 14″ 60/100-14,  10″ 2.50
  • Michelin Starcross √√  Rear: 80/100-12,  10″ 2.50


           (moto two) 70.5 lb.  (moto one) 61.7 lb.


          (moto two) 60–70 lb.,  (moto one) 60 lb.


  • 54.6V 2A battery charger (4 hours)    √  √  


  • power switch 50–100%    √  √
  • Bluetooth module via app  (iOS/Android), remote parameter programming  & parental control     √  √
  • Adjustable high in two different positions  (moto two) X,  (moto one) √


  • Inverter for car charger (lighter socket)    √  √
  • Torrot pro kit    (moto two) √,  (moto two) X

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