Cairoli Wins Seventh World Championship!

This past weekend Tony Cairoli won his seventh World Title (the third in a row for AXO) at the end of the first moto of the GP of England, held at Metterley Basin. This is Cairoli’s fifth MX1 Championship and seventh title overall, including his two MX2 Titles. 

Tony could have been crowned World Champion with an 11th place finish in the first moto, but a true Champion like he is wanted to win in style and that’s what he did. He started second behind Desalle, studied the rival and put pressure on him increasing his pace until, with 14 minutes to go, he made his move on Desalle and won the race. Tony proved once again he is the best MX1 rider in the world and the title was the perfect conclusion to a perfect season.

Cairoli has been with AXO for the past three years wearing both gear available to the public and personal gear created just for the champ. Cairoli has worked with AXO designers to develop two exclusive TC222 sets of gear that are available to the public in limited quantities. Tony tests AXO products and provides insights that only a World Champion can give.

Cairoli said, ‘I’m so happy for the seventh title. It was great to clinch the checkered flag and to celebrate with my team and my friends. I want to thank KTM, my team and my sponsors for all their support. I wanted to win the heat and that’s what I did and I had a lot of fun too! The track was difficult, so first I tried to find effective lines and then passed Desalle for the win! I’m sorry for the second moto, but it’s just racing. I had a good start and tried to open a gap, but then I had that problem. The bike turned off and I crashed. I restarted but then again I had the same problem, so I was forced to leave the race. The important thing was done, anyway, and I am really so happy. We all have been working so hard and I’m happy we have conquered the title with one GP to go. Now I will focus on the next race and on the Motocross of Nations.’
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