The TM Designworks Extreme full-coverage skid plate with link guard is a lightweight composite plastic with a silicone additive that helps it to reduce friction grab. They are designed to allow maximum frame flex and are 30-percent lighter than an aluminum plate. Its design is for extreme conditions, and it covers the main frame rails, ignition, clutch and water-pump cases, plus the rear linkage on machines equipped with it. The skid plate is thick, and uses their proprietary mix of nylon, Kevlar and silicone to ward off blows to the important organs on the underbelly off your machine. It has a secure 3-point (front, middle and rear) mounting design and is said to reduce the engine noise because it is plastic.

OUR TAKE: You can plan on giving your machine superb protection from violence with the TM Designworks system. We have rock-cruncher friends in Colorado who say that they hold up to abuse better than anything they have tested. They are light, the mounting hardware hangs down, but actually doesn’t really get too hammered. The plate itself can take a monumental thrashing and hardly looks more than just slightly nicked. Ours squeaked where it pressed against the bottom of the linkage, though the fitment and how it wraps around in front is excellent. For those riders who like to take their skid plate off when they change the oil (most of our OCD buddies), you won’t be quite so pumped. The challenge in putting it back on is because you have to bend it against the linkage to get mounts to line up and it’s stiff! This same job with an aluminum plate takes little effort. Overall, this is a quality piece that will most likely take years of cruelty and shield your machine’s belly like a force field.
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