Prior to the Indy Dealer Expo, T.M. motorcycles of Italy announced that the brand will be returning to the U.S. The company enjoyed moderate success a few years ago but has had very spotty availability stateside since 2007. Now Motoman of Upland California will be taking on the duties of U.S. distribution–(909) 608-0082.
      In the time since we last saw the products, much as changed. The motorcycles are still  virtually hand made, but are said to have lost much weight and gained fuel injection (at least on the four-stroke models) this year, which is an unusual combination. The newest addition to the line is a 250F, which will be available in both enduro and MX versions. The 450 Enduro will be street-legal in at least 49 states, with California certification in the works. And a full line of two-strokes will be offered, including 144cc, 250cc and 300cc models in both off-road and MX form.
      The bikes look good and we already have one on order for a full test. Stay tuned for more.
The TM 250F will be fuel injected and available in both off-road and MX configuration.
Expect TMs to be priced similar to KTM products.

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