TM has shown most of its new motorcycles for 2021. The small Italian company has a very large line of two-strokes and four-strokes in both motocross and enduro configuration. The features that they all have in common are KYB forks, TM-made rear shocks, hand-welded aluminum frames, hydraulic clutches and a combination of Nissin and Brembo brakes. Many of the two-strokes offer transfer port fuel injection, similar to that seen on motorcycles that come out of the KTM factory. Here’s a look at the bikes and the prices that TM USA will be asking for them.

TM’s big 450 motocross bike will also be available as a massive 530. Each has an MSRP of $10,995.
TM will offer a 250 two-stroke and a 300 two-stroke in motocross trim. Both are carbureted. The 250 will be $9195 and the 300 will be $9395.
The TM MX125 is $8495. The 144 is $8695.
The TM EN250Fi Twin pipe has gear-driven cams and other high-tech features. It will sell for $11,395. A 300cc version of the same model will be $11,995.
TM’s big enduro four-stroke will be sold in two sizes. The EN530Fi and EN450Fi will each carry a price of $11,195.
The TPI TM EN250 will have a price of $9895 while the 300 will be $10,095. Carbureted versions will also be available for approximately $300 less.
Small-bore off-road riders have a choice between the EN125 ($9295) and the EN144 ($9795). Both are fuel-injected. If you want the carbureted versions, it’s $500 less.
TM offers a number of minis, including a 100cc super mini ($6995) and the 85 ($6495). There will be a 112cc version coming soon.
The MX125 will sell for $8495. The 144 will be $8695.
The twin-pipe four-stroke motocrosser will be $10,995. A 300 will be available for the same price.

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