A look back at the events and products that shaped 2016


This last year, 2016 has been a time where our nation has been dominated by perhaps the weirdest election process in our history, the economy has plateaued, oil prices have dropped to record lows and the dirt bike world has blossomed and wilted as it rides the teeter totter looking for both stability and technological gains. The racing world has seen the emergence of a German Genius, the rise of United States as a leader in off-road racing, motocross machines that struggle to find the ‘button’ to success and a new wall in off-road legal equipment that is changing the dynamics of trail legal equipment. We lost Arnold Palmer, David Bowie and the legendary Chuck ‘Feets’ Minert. America failed to retain their grasp on the MXoNations, dominated the International Six Days Enduro and we’re seeing television popularity at the Supercross level have a dramatic effect on ticket sales at the events. There are rumors of a year round Supercross series, the return of a green rider with the initials RV and Honda re-entering the racing hierarchy with long term contracts for Ken Roczen and Tim Gaiser plus bringing out their all-new CRF450R.

Every Thursday until January 1, The Year in Review will be up on the DB website and is a quick look at the races, racers, machines and products that helped shape the year of 2016.

40 year old Graham Jarvis defies realty with his ability to win the world’s toughest extreme off-road events.

Kailub Russell is a GNCC machine winning four straight championships in dominant form. Right now no one can hang with his tenacity, physicality and backup from the strongest team in off-road.


One of America’s favorite racers Andrew Short retired from racing. His resume was superb; Short had a fantastic 16-year career, won 250SX and MX races, won a 450SX race and in total got nine wins, 49 podiums, 141 top fives and 238 top tens. As soon as he parked his BTO KTM he signed on with American Honda to be their Brand Ambassador. This role sounds meaty and fun to a guy who still loves to ride!

Leatt, known for their neck braces has segued into many facets of moto protection. Their new glove the GPX 3.5 is one of our favorites!

The biggest disappointment of the year goes to James Stewart. His license yanked for using a banned drug following one of his biggest SX victories in Toronto in 2014, James came back this year out of shape, lacked speed, suffered from take-outs and crashes eventually taking the whole Yoshimura team down. James finishes were rare, his outdoor effort was dismal which is amazing considering that in 2014 he made every Supercross main event. His performance sucked the whole Yoshimura team from a player, into gone. RCH took over the Suzuki effort.

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