BLAST FROM THE PAST: Steve Hatch Team  Suzuki Off-Road

Steve Hatch was a young motocrosser from New York who was chomping at the proverbial bit to make it into  mainstream off-road racing. We first met him at the John Zink  4-day Qualifier in 1990. It was a mudder, brutal to the bone and Steve was as bubbly  following a 125-mile day in the slime as a normal human leaving the shower in the morning. Steve was always incredibly fast, a full fitness junkie and he went on to win  the National Enduro title in ’94, was a 6-time Gold Medalist and is now a trainer for dirt bike racers.




The Nevada 200 Trail Ride: Open to the public for the first time!
This was an exclusive ‘invite only’ ride put on by Scot Harden and Daryl Folks, and is now open to the public for the first time in 35-years! The 3-day trail ride takes you from the desert to mountains, miles of single track , sand washes and many times just a smattering of snow! It’s coming up quick, April 12, 13 and 14 so go to their website, check out the videos and register for the ride online.


Another excellent Rob Mitchell video showcasing both the stars and up and comers who travel the Full Gas Sprint Enduro circuit.


Story and pics from the legendary off-road journalist Mark Kariya
Ricky Brabec teamed with Kendall Norman and won the rejuvenated Mint 400.

The  Mint 400  hasn’t featured bike classes since 1976.  In those days, the list of motorcycle winners was full of legendary names like Jack Johnson, J.N. Roberts, Rolf Tibblin and many more.

The latest edition of the  BF Goodrich Tires Mint 400, round two (for bikes) of Best in the Desert’s (BITD) American Off-road Racing Series, motorcycles and riders were welcomed to be part of the festivities beginning with a huge technical inspection/contingency row near Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas.

The race started at Primm for a bike-only 80-mile loop that had a variety of desert terrain  from  past classics like BITD’s Whiskey Pete’s Hare & Hound World Championship, the Las Vegas 400, the Henderson 250 and various local MRAN races.

Jacob Argubright iron-manned it and gave the JCR Honda boys fits for most of the race. He ended up with a well deserved second place.

The event drew 160 teams, nearly everything from heavy hitters like the Johnny Campbell Racing (JCR) Honda duo of Ricky Brabec/Kendall Norman to former Kawasaki Team Green stars Ty Davis/Larry Roeseler/Kellon Walch to old bikes (including a BSA B50), a Dual-sport class, one for Women and one that had several Harleys!

This man has some cajones!

The racing was tight up front with Jacob Argubright hounding the JCR boys for all three laps of that diverse  80-mile loop. The Kawasaki-mounted privateer kept it close all day and even led several times before Brabec finally pulled away a bit on the final lap, the margin of victory less than a minute after nearly five hours of intense battle. Slam Life Racing (SLR) Honda’s Justin Morgan/Mark Samuels were about a minute and a half behind that for third.

The dream team of Larry Roeseler, Ty Davis and Kellon Walsh (pictured) won the 30 Pro division (remember LR just turned 60!) in one of the big draws of the event- finishing 7th overall.

Look for a full story by Mark Kariya in an upcoming issue of Dirt Bike!











This is from Ricky Johnson when we asked about the photo: “That was my practice ‘Works’ 500, now think about doing a slow one handed wheelie on a Works 500!!!!!! We shot it in the parking lot of Life’s a Beach for a Bad Boy ad. I also jumped it once but with Chuck Converse and thin 80’s pegs my ankles said only one jump!!!







LEATT’S NEW VELOCITY 6.5 GOGGLE….with a little Jonny Walker on the side





This was the 1985 Whiskey Pete’s Desert race. I was never very good in a dead engine start desert race, and I struggled racing this single shock Husky XC500. To be honest I was fat and out of shape, spending a bit too much time pretending I was a rock star. My results showed it. And one other Wolf fact, I really didn’t care for the 500 HQV, in my mind the 81 & 82 430XC was brilliant- rideable, fast enough and reliable. The 500 was a one giant vibrator- Dan Smith could haul the mail on it- not me. I was opposite the sign in the pits- a bit of a sniveler. I rebounded, but it took breaking my leg and getting bolted back together to kick start me into gear.

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