Sylvain Geboers was on the leading wave of Europeans who brought motocross to America. The Belgian racer, known as a sand specialist, Sylvain finished in the top three of 250 GP’s for five straight years from 1968 to 1972. He raced for the CZ factory, and then the Suzuki powerhouse which included Joel Robert and Roger DeCoster. Sylvain won the 1971 500cc Trans-AMA championship. Sylvain retired from active racing in 1978 and went on to run the Suzuki GP motocross effort. He was actively involved with the World Championship efforts of his brother Eric, Georges Jobe, Greg Albertyn, Donnie Schmit, Mickael Pichon, Steve Ramon and the incredible Stefan Everts.







Love this shot Team Yamaha’s Bob “Hurricane” Hannah airing it out at Sears Point Trans Am in 1976. Mark Kiel is responsible for the stellar photo.




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Photos and caps Diahann Tanke

Two-time champion Shelby Turner took the lead early in the race with Maria Forsberg behind her. Louise Forsley crashed into Rachel Gutish at the start of the race. Which ended Louise’s race due to bike issues.  Maria continued to stay in second place. After a couple of crashes Rachel Gutish managed to get back to take third.  Allie Stambaugh who normally rides the trials class took fourth place.  With Monique Johnson finishing in fifth.

Shelby Turner “Round one of Endurocross was awesome. The track started off pretty easy in the morning but continued to get more and more challenging through out the day. Once we started racing the main events the track was tough and all of the people stuck in the main lines made it very challenging to get a clean run. I am happy to to take home two main events wins and can’t wait for round 2”.


Maria Forsberg “I was second off the start, made it through the matrix and rocks good the first lap which got me quite a lead on third. Then I just tried to minimize my mistake and just kept moving. Shelby was riding so good my goal was to stay on lead lap as her and not get lapped and I did so I was super excited for that. I had a blast.”
Rachel Gutish “I am so grateful to have finished out Rd1 on the podium and not seriously injured. Another rider cut over on me about ¾ of the way down the start straight. The resulting crash was so violent that she cracked her engine cases on my bike, while annihilating my front end. I was on the bottom of the the pile. And by the time I got up everyone was pretty much gone. Despite never really getting my head back on the straight after the crash I was able to climb back up into third plash, though it definitely wasn’t pretty. I’m still super excited to get another chance at EnduroCross I am looking forward to round two in Denver.”


The bike, my 1974 Yamaha MX400. It’s outfitted with a Maico fork which in the infamous Mike Chamberlain helped me by machining parts to make it fit the beast. The rider, myself, a closet Moto junkie who moved in the expert class, but was never really a threat. I was way more tough than talented, and orneriness kept me in the game. My gear, as Mr. Ribaudo says was on point. Hallman leathers, Bel Ray jersey, Daytona boots, Bell RT helmet, Carerra goggles (protecting my chin). The shooter- Mark Kiel snapped this pic at the Shadow Glen course at Indian Dunes. Yee haw.

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