In 1985 Danny Chandler went to Europe to race GPs after Honda dropped him following an injury plagued 1984. During his time at Honda, Danny won four 500 Nationals, stunned the planet when he won the 1982 USGP at Carlsbad.  He ticked off another huge win at the ’82 Superbikers and then racing for Team USA Magoo became the only rider in motocross history to win all four motos at the Motocross and Trophee des Nations. With no ride in ’85 Danny signed with Kawasaki to race the GPs, quit over a squabble about Team Tactics, signed with Team KTM and won the French GP. He looked well on his way to a career upswing, only to crash horribly at the Paris Supercross that left him paralyzed. Danny passed away in 2010.















Red Riders will love this!  The all new ’22 Honda CRF250R and CRF450R now have Fastway Performance parts confirmed!   Complete range of Footpegs, Spark Arrestors, Kickstands, F.I.T. Handguard Systems and more!


The KTM / Husqvarna / GASGAS 85 clutch and brake master cylinder bar clamp was designed with durability in mind.




We just returned from a great event held up in Santa Cruz, the Northern California Motocross Reunion. It featured a Vintage Motorcycle Show presented by FOX, interviews and storytelling directly from the stars of the ’70s and ’80s; pioneers like Brad Lackey, Billy Grossi, David Bailey, Tom Rapp, Larry Wosick, Donnie Cantaloupi, Broc Glover, Geoff Fox, and Steve Simons. A BBQ tri-tip dinner was provided for the sold-out show. Earlier in the day they held a Golf Tournament at the DeLaVeaga course, the exact spot where an Inter-Am was held in the late 60’s.

Bad Brad signing up for the golf.


David Bailey has taken up golf and is quite a player. He said that the DeLaVeaga course was like racing at Unadilla- big ups and downs!


Broc Glover lining up a putt. He’s passionate about the sport and was a hoot to play with.


Brad Lackey’s team- Mike Wittwer and Bob Paul local boys and avid hackers.


Charles and Casey Halcomb at a hole dedicated to the late Bob Grossi. Charles was instrumental in organizing the Nor Cal MX Reunion.


Lackey’s championship winning 1982 Suzuki RN500


The infamous Steve Simons designer of the Simons fork, the Upside Down UDX60 fork (Brad Lackey used them to win his World Championship) and Rockshox Mountain bike forks. His fork design was licensed to every major motorcycle fork maker in the world and is still the benchmark of the industry and Rockshox was pivotal in the mountain bike explosion in the 90s.



This Yamaha 100 was brilliant.



Chris Carter from Motion Pro showed off his Martini CZ jersey signed by Joel Robert. There’s a good story that went with it; the quick version is that Chris asked Joel for his jersey following an Inter Am, Joel said no, he had two more races and needed it. Chris asked him at the next Inter Am and Joel said no, he had one more race and needed it. At the finale, Joel gave Chris the jersey! Guess the gear budget was a bit lower in the late 60s!


This was Preston Petty’s Suzuki 250.


Billy Grossi and David Bailey talk racing.


This Lackey poster was epic- CZ mounted, Buffalo Breath jersey and dead-on style.


This Maico was a beauty!


Seeing Billy Grossi at the reunion and hearing Broc Glover talk about his incredible racing style brought up this Mark Kiel photo showcasing the Sugar Bear on his factory Suzuki.





I’m testing the new Maico 490 Alpha E in 1982. This was up at Texas Canyon and this was a machine I really wanted to like. The 1981 Maico 490 Mega 2 was a truly stunning machine, big power, great handling and superb suspension. In ’82 they switched to a single shock, it gained serious weight, the non-reed valve motor lacked the finesse needed for slow, technical work. The Alpha E came with a wide ratio gearbox and a heavier flywheel an it was fast, it was porky and it in no way could hang in the shadow of the Husqvarna 430 XC, which was light, nimble and incredibly versatile.

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