Throughout the history of all sporting events there is always one question about the athletes; who was tougher? The back in the day figures who fought for notoriety, fame and maybe a hint of fortune; or the new chapter of an evolved  species who make huge bank and their every move is captured, published and smeared over forms of media that would make a superstar in the 1970’s question their sanity.

Joel Robert, the full motocross pirate. A non-trainer, partier and smoker; Joel went on to win six world championships!
Bob Hannah, Georgia National motocross. He crashed in the first turn, snapped off his clutch perch, then grabbed it so it wouldn’t flop into his front wheel. He went from last to first holding onto the broken clutch lever and cable.



Mitch Mayes shows some guavas during practice at the Riverside GP, where the bikes practiced with the cars!
At one time Greg Robertson was one of the fastest racers in So Cal. And he beat the best (Hannah & Bell included) on a Can-Am, which was overweight and ill handling in 1976.


Jaroslav Falta was CZ’s star pupil. By the end of the machines competitiveness, they were a handling miasma.


Mark Barnett was one of the toughest racers out there. The reigning 125 champion shows a bit of grit.


In 1974 Dirt Bike did a story on the Barstow To Vegas desert race. Those racers were flat nasty!


Heikki Mikkola, known as the Flying Fin was a 4-time World Champion. He also had a nearly fused right wrist caused from a racing injury. He raced his last years having to rotate his entire arm to turn the throttle.


Danny Chandler held the distinction of being one of the fastest racers on the planet in 1982. Was he tough? We don’t think you’d see any racer today trying to finish their moto like this.
The Blackwater 100 still rates as one of the toughest races ever held…anywhere. Today’s Extreme Enduros are getting back to the core of brutality and survival that Blackwater made famous.
Mark Hyde won the toughest race in America, the Blackwater 100 racing with a flat front tire!


Scott Summers raced a 297 pound dirt bike that he could dead lift. He only won 5 GNCC titles against the lightest, fastest 2-strokes made.


Was James Stewart tough? Hmm, he was as gnarly as they come.


Jeff Fredette is one of those athletes  who have transcended time with incredible results and superhuman longevity.  During this time Jeff competed in 34 ISDT/E events and incredibly, finished the first 33 events!


But of course there’s always Ken Roczen who defies logic and physics with his ‘coming back from a catastrophic crash’ to totally competitive.


And Taylor Roberts, one of the premiere off-road racers in the world  has taken some big hits in the last three years…

So, as the toughest man I have ever known in the dirt bike arena Dick Burleson always told me, if you’re gonna be stupid you better be tough!

Burleson won eight straight National Enduro titles, an amazing eight consecutive gold medals in the International Six Days Trials (now called the International Six Days Enduro), he was AMA Amateur Athlete of the year three times- the final when he was 46 years old and finished the Tulsa ISDE with a Silver medal.



Gregg Blechman piloting Dirt Bike’s 1983 YZ250 at Indian Dunes.







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This is Västerås, Sweden, Day one of the 1990 ISDE and life is good. I’m racing a machine that I built with Charles Halcomb and a good friend Doug Johns. It was a Suzuki DR350. We fit it with RMX suspension, the fork with RMX clamps and a modified RMX shock. The air box we grafted on from a Honda CR250. Doug massaged the motor slightly, modified the stock muffler for better power (and still quiet enough to pass sound) and the wheels and brakes were off the RMX. I made it to the last ‘Special’ on Day 5 when the chain derailed and wrapped in the cases. I houred out. It was a long brutal event (180-mile days and nearly all hard trail) and it motivated me to get more fit, and to race a nice light 2-stroke if I ever made it to the ISDE again!
Day five and half…

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