One of the movers and shakers of the So Cal motocross scene in the 70’s was Billy Payne. He was a star, having a gift with a fluid style and was always dressed to the 9s. Every single motohead who camped out at Indian Dunes and Muntz/Valley Cycle Park tried to emulate his look and style. Thanks Mark Kiel for the stellar shot of BP in 1974 racing at the ‘Dunes.



Kailub Russell- THE GOAT




The turnout was a bit smaller for the Nevada 200, but it was a quality event. Scot Harden and Daryl Folks promote, run and mark the 3-day ride and every single rider most definitely got their money’s worth this year. It was bone dry, very tough conditions and lots of loose, sandy and rocky terrain.
Motion Pro is one of the big supporter of the event and supplied every rider with a cool neck mask- perfect for these strange times.


The infamous Jack Johnson and his sister Kristi, who happens to be the lead dog in the Harden clan!
Tip Webb navigates some of the terrain that tests the pilot. Patience was important this year as the dust made it tough so hanging back was critical as clean air made it fun.


Rodney Smith (who won a jillion off-road racers, championships and Gold Medals) is with his former boss Mike Webb and the number 3 Webb.
The munch and gas stop was again excellent.
The sanitizing station prior to food consumption.
Some of the vistas were stunning, though technical terrain made it tough to let your eyes wander.
Max Switzer (Husky mounted) and his buddy from Nebraska made the trek to the Nevada 200. It was something like Max’s 36th time and the 81-year old rode the entire A loop! His riding partner was a mere 70 and the two had a hoot.
The Wolf in Ho Chi Jack trail that Jack Johnson famously found. It’s a nice tough trail to cap off the A-ride.


The was little water this year, though a few streams crossings railroaded the final few miles. Mike Webb and his big RMZ450 negotiate one of them.







Mike Webb got to test the brand new Asterisk Carbon Cell I Knee braces last weekend at the Nevada 200. The design teams goal was to create the slimmest, lightest, most comfortable knee brace in the world. The Carbon Cell 1 is roughly 1 pound, making it over two pounds lighter than his older Asterisk Cell braces. The CC1 is manufactured from Military spec and Aerospace grade carbon fiber creating a super light brace,  but according to MWebb the fit and feel is off the charts and a huge improvement. Again, more on the new Carbon Cell 1 in Dirt Bike.


The Slavens Mule Swingarm Saver for KTM PDS machines is flat boss. The airbox mounted KTM mud flap rubs and damages the swingarm. In muddy conditions it can and will wear several millimeters through to the PDS heim joint seals. The Slavens Mule swingarm protector eliminates the issue with a sealed ball bearing and roller mounted to the lower shock bolt that keeps the mud flap from rubbing. As the swingarm moves through its travel, the roller tracks up and down the mudflap keeping it distanced from the swingarm and eliminating wear. 


Right before the Nevada 200 I received a new Klim F3 Carbon helmet. This lid is incredibly light, comfortable and a pure joy on a long hard day of riding. It has moved into the top slot for helmets in my world based on weight (or the lack there of), fit and a cool Fid-lock-quick release strap that worked superbly. More on this in Dirt Bike.




Klim’s new waterproof Adventure GTX Boots are designed  with an emphasis on combining three primary characteristics: riding protection, walkability and excellent comfort for extended use. Not to be confused with stiffer, more aggressive off-road and motocross boots, the Adventure GTX boots target long days on the bike, including hikes to scenic lookouts and a stroll through town – all with great comfort so you’re not kicking them off as soon as you stop for the day.

They feature foam impact absorption pucks, reinforced guard areas and a polycarbonate lasting board separate the boot from softer competitors. Complimenting the protection features are flex zones in key areas to allow for walkability. Unrestrictive support is delivered by a combination of Velcro, an ankle buckle and the BOA® Fit System, while the lining and Ortholite® insole provide internal comfort. The aggressive Michelin sole is properly suited for hiking traction while providing excellent wear and grip on the footpegs. GORE-TEX construction keeps water out while letting your sweat evaporate. They’re going to sell for $449.99.

For more on the new Klim GTX Adventure boot go to


Polisport releases a new and improved version of LOOKOS headlight. With the EVO version, you will get a new lithium battery that will last longer and charge faster; the retail price will be substantially lower than the first LOOKOS version – the MSRP for standard version will be:  $251.99; for the Solar version:  $274.99.

LOOKOS EVO was developed for those who want to easily adapt their Motocross or Cross-Country motorbike to enduro; the headlight is battery powered (battery is included) and you don’t need to make any wiring to the bike to use it. Just install the headlight and you are ready to go. The battery will last 6h on low beam and 3h on high beam and you will get a full charge in only 1,5h.

The standard version will be available in 6 colors – black, white, blue, red, and Orange – and the Solar version will be available in black and white. 



I’ve had a long term relationship with the 300, and the Husaberg version was just as tasty. My buddy Dick Wilk monked on the suspension and I just held on for the ride. This was 2012 and we’re (Karel Kramer and I) at Jawbone Canyon.

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