THE WEEKLY FEED: Mike Kiedrowski, the MX Kid going for gold at the ’03 ISDE

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Mike Kiedrowski ISDE Brazil 2003

‘03, Fortaleza Brazil. Rodney Smith (125 class)and MK Mike Kiedrowski (250 class)were both chosen for the U.S. trophy team which was sponsored by the GNCC series.  MK was steady and solid all week, his biggest worry was the tire changing. At the start of day 6 MK went for a tire change but struggled, soon he had 10 people in Parc Ferme telling him what to do and it just made things worse. Finally Mike got the tire changed, slammed it onto the bike and then inexplicably started his bike up!!!!!We all told him to kill the engine, which he did immediately and everyone in Parc Ferme was looking around wondering who had started there bike which is a penalty. Mike pushed his bike to the start and completed day 6 but the whole day he figured he was penalized for starting his bike and would drop from a gold to silver medal. Luckily for Mike there was no penalty and he got his gold medal in his only 6 days appearance….Thanks to Mike Webb for the recollection!









This machine was a game changer!













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This last weekend I was riding with a few buds, found this incredibly rocky canyon that was both tight, confining and technical. Nearing the top we ran into a 3-foot vertical rock face with no way around. All I thought about was Kyle Redmond telling me the secret- wheelie and tap your front wheel 2/3 of the way up the obstacle. Accelerate and unload. Your front wheel will bounce up, your engine cases and lower frame will clear the obstacle and your rear wheel will kiss the obstacle. Your engines power, momentum and your body release will have the rear wheel tapping the leading edge and from their you smoothly float a small wheelie and then carefully drop the front end back to earth.

Here’s Kyle performing this maneuver-

So, thinking it over carefully… I turned around. No cheeseburgers for the Wolf if he does something that scares him!



Perris Raceway, mid 80s. Race testing the Honda CR500 and believe I had just qualified for the 30 class and was pumped to get away from the youngsters.



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