THE WEEKLY FEED: Mark “The Bomber” Barnett


Mark Barnett will go down in history as one of tough guys from the early days of motocross. He started off with a shop ride for Fox in 1977, where the bikes were competitive and he blossomed. Following the Trans-AM series Mark Blackwell from Suzuki gave him a full factory ride and while it took him a few years to find the speed and tenacity to battle with Broc Glover, who was at the top of the 125 game, Barnett went on to win three 125 National championships which was backed up by a Supercross title in 1981.








Honda’s new 2018 CRF250R with dual headers and dual mufflers is in big demand and Pro Circuit has performance exhausts for the new Honda machine. Superior performance, and significant power gains are what’s on tap with both our Ti-6 and T-6 systems. Also, a T-6 slip-on silencer with removable spark arrestors is available. Pro Circuit has built its reputation on championship winning performance products and 2018 is no different. $749-1300.00 


Ride Engineering Performance Link for
2018 RM450Z

With most people trying to get the new 2018 RMZ450 balanced at 115mm of race sag with poor results, Ride Engineering has developed a longer linkage arm to provide a solution to this condition. With the Ride Link, race sag at 108mm and the fork height between 5 & 7mm, all test riders agreed the bike felt balanced, the tall sensation was reduced and with proper springs and valving, was ready to tackle the roughest track conditions. There was no longer an unpredictable feeling from the bike riding too low in the stroke, providing the rider much needed confidence to push.


Polisport releases the KLR 650 replica plastics. Now, the parts for one of the most popular Dual-purpose bikes will be available exclusively through Polisport. The quality and the standards used in the production of these parts are the same Polisport uses in its Off-road replica plastics. So, you can expect parts with OEM quality at a fraction of the price. KLR 650 owners can now renew their motorcycles with Polisport’s parts and make their bikes look like new again.




Injection molded from high strength lightweight polycarbonate plastic. Weighs only 10lbs. Extra wide feet prevents rocking making this design very stable. Bolted together with stainless steel fasteners. MSRP $119.95







And finally…












In 2010 I got the chance to race Nathan Woods factory Husaberg at the Glen Helen WORCS race. Nathan wasn’t a pint sized racer, so I fit his machine well, his bars, saddle and suspension settings felt perfectly organized for a beefy magazine editor. While my results were painfully average, I had a riot on the machine which was smooth, powerful, bog free and perfectly suspended.

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