While Bob Hannah seemed to explode out of nowhere in 1976, Danny LaPorte was an upcoming athlete from Torrance, California who was pointed towards stardom. This shot is one of their classic battles from 1976 at the New Orleans National.



Our KTM 300 XC-W TPI bike is one of the favorites and has been on the receiving end of a host of focused mods. Motor wise we’re still stock, loving the tractable power that starts so low and makes traction in ugly terrain. We spent considerable effort on the suspension having Kreft revalve and spring the fork and shock looking to stiffen it up (it’s very soft and wallowy stock) and fit it with mods that work for our needs. Kyle Redmond hopped on the steed yesterday and came away impressed.

Our goal with the updates was to get the suspension to work in a more varied environment, give it some armor to ward off damage and tires that target better traction in our world and fight flats!


Kreft Moto suspension, Enduro Engineering, E-Line, TM Designs, Bullet Proof, Tubliss and Golden Tyre are the players in our mods.


This is Redmond’s fun zone. Obstacles that make the normal guy melt.


Kreft Moto performs pure magic on the XPlor fork. They give it far better versatility, more adjustability and the ability to take on all obstacles with a much better appetite. We run the Golden Tyre GT233 fit with a Tubliss front system. Great front traction and no flats! The PT fork guards fully wrap around the lower legs and protect it from getting chinked from rocks thrown up by the front tire. 


Kreft re-sprung and re-valved the shock making it both stiffer, but because it stays up in the stroke, the traction is improved. The X-Trig preload adjuster is killer!
Enduro Engineering’s spark arrestor end cap is a great mod to the stock muffler and makes the machine forest legal.


Enduro Engineering’s lower fork guards are strong and sano.


A Bullet Proof chain guide stiffener mates to a TM Designs guide, both are superb and needed for the serious off-road explorer.


E-Line’s Carbon fiber pipe guards protects the belly of the pipe from getting wounded.

Kyle Boulder Splats

How confident was Kyle with the modded KTM 300 TPI? How about this boulder splat? Only an extreme racer would look at a rock the size of a TV set and think that he could get enough lift to just smack the top of the obstacle with the bottom of his rear tire and not get pitched nose first into a horrendous crash.




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I know it’s two posts in one day, but I wanted to share my hot lap from Reno while it’s still relevant.

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First lap of the main from Reno @enduro_cross

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Red Bud!!! #laroccosleap

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Well I beat the s#+t out of my body this weekend at #enduross 😵 went to hard in practice. I quad in the matrix no problem in the first practice easy then I tried @codywebb2 way and didn’t work out. The big double I didn’t have the right gearing but the next jump after that was the worst crash but didn’t get that on video. Was the in first gear on a triple and double case into a front flip 😞. Already with a bad ankle oh well.. the night race somehow I pulled it together and road smooth but came up one position short for the main because of a small mistake ended up 3rd in lcq. Wishing @trystanhart_84 a speedy recovery from a dangerous obstacle 😒 thanks to @srtoffroad and everyone for the help #lovepain #beatup #getbackup @husqvarnamotorcycles_usa @kendatire @Motulusa @onealracing @shoeihelmetsusa @seatconcepts @HBDmotografx @shoraipower @amegrips @jonseehorn @sidimotousa @imsproducts @fasstcompany @Hammernutrition @rekluse_motorsports @evanspowersport @viral_brand @ctikneebraces #toytechcycles

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Trystan Hart, one of the strong players in the EnduroCross/off-road arena crashed hard at the Reno EnduroCross- requiring surgery on his wrist and hand.

My nephew and his newly graphics that dad installed, requiring in his words 2-hours of hell. Kimi Webb doesn’t really seem to mind.



I actually found this jump hidden in the bowels of Gorman when I was trail riding with Marty Tripes. He found this hillclimb that erupted out of a nasty canyon and we started playing on it. This is 1986 and I’m trail riding a CR500. I was definitely not playing with a full tank!

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