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KTM’s Kailub Russell has etched into stone his stranglehold as the best off-road racer in America. He is dominating the National Enduro series in his first attempt at the specialized format. The GNCC world, a series rich in heritage and gleaning with viciousness, is his personal playground. He dominated the Snowshoe event, the most brutal event on the card with a late charge after a dual with Husky Thad Duval and won for the 8th time this year! The question is, is Kailub that good or has the talent pool in the GNCC’s softened?

Our stand is…Kailub rocks!


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The western U.S. based racer, fresh off of a second place at the Last Dog Standing Extreme event traveled to the Snowshoe for his virgin run at the GNCC series. Taylor, racing himself into shape following a long layoff due to hand surgery took home a very respectable 6th place in the Pro class.



Frequent Dirt Bike contributor Kenny King sent us in pics of the winners and second place finishers at the 14th annual Perry Mountain 24-hour event.


The winners were the #3 Max Motorsports racing in the Elite division.

Bike: KTM 300 Riders: Geoff Braico • Australia Mark Heresco • PA Evan Smith • GA Tyler Carter • AL Trey Parris • GA Zac Brown • GA Max Motorsports Notes: •Leaking tank early in race • Crash at 8 am broke rear brake  •Came into pits too fast, given 5 minute time penalty •Finished 11 minutes over second place • close race

Second place went to the Valley exteriors/ Tusk racing helmet lights

Notes: •Led early, busted rear Bibb mousse •Clutch issues in afternoon Saturday dropped them back •Finished 55 laps, 11-minutes off the winner



The Nihilo Concepts Multi Toll is a must have item for any serious Mini Dad that wants to make fast and easy adjustments in the shop or at the track. The Nihilo Concepts Multi-tool that will not only help you to change the spark plug but also includes some additional features that will come in handy when setting up your bike.Adjustment Markings- The Multi Tool also includes easy to read laser engraved lines spaced at 2.5mm increments starting at the bottom of the tool and going from 0 to 35mm. These markings can be used to adjust and keep track of your fork height, chain adjustment, brake and shift lever adjustment, or simply provide you with an accurate way to measure a countless number of things when working on your bike.



Spark Plug Wrench- If you have a KTM 50 or KTM 65 you know how hard it can be to access the spark plug. The space is tight and it requires a special tool to do it right.


Nihilo Concepts has developed a must have tool that will not only help you to change the spark plug but also includes some additional features that will come in handy when setting up your bike.  The 6061 aluminum wrench was designed with a 12 point socket system to fit the 16mm spark plug. The sides are small enough to fit between the 65’s power valve and spark plug for easy installation and removal.



Chain Adjuster Markings- The handle of the tool has been laser engraved with a Chain Adjustment system that allows the mechanic to quickly determine the proper chain adjustment. A darkened picture of the chain is engraved with a lighter picture of the chain above and below to show the allowable tolerance. You simply slide the tool up against the chain slider and pull the chain up to see how it lines up with the picture on the tool then quick adjustments can be made until the chain lines up perfectly with the image engraved on the tool




Big Bear Dual Sport Riders:

Two things here, first the Big Bear Run AMA National Dual Sport Ride will NOT be affected by the Lake Fire in the San Bernardino National Forest.

Today is the last pre-post day to register for the 2015 Big Bear Run AMA National Dual Sport Ride scheduled for June 27 & 28, 2015.

You can still register on line up to June 25 and at the event as late as Saturday June 27 in Big Bear.

If you would like more information about the ride with route mileage to gas stops Click on the following link: 2015 Big Bear Run Dual Sport Ride Information.


If you need further event information or would like to register online to guarantee your event T-Shirt, click on the following link: Big Bear Run AMA National Dual Sport Ride – 6/27/2015.

Click on the following link for ride entry form: 2015 Big Bear Run AMA Dual Sport Ride Entry Form




Chad Reed’s 22 Motosports Team pulled the plug Father’s Day weekend. Word has it that Chad is going to get his shoulder cleaned up and that he’ll be looking for a Supercross only ride in 2016. Here’s the press release from Chad.

Today we share the unfortunate news that our journey with TwoTwo Motorsports has ended. Five years ago, we built this race team from the ground up. With a team of the best guys in our industry, we created a successful winning team. I’ve always said, if your going to do something, do it right! We worked hard to compete at a level with the factory teams and to meet our goals of being championship contenders.

On the outside we were great, but on the inside the stress and cost of wearing both the team owner and the rider hats were taking a toll. I’m not someone who gives up, so when the tough times came I worked harder to push through them. 2014 was a tough year for the team, financially and mentally. My injury almost cost us the team, but I couldn’t handle the thought of losing everything we had worked for. 2015 has been a crazy year of everything going wrong. We had flashes of brilliance, but titles aren’t won with flashes. My “Mr. Consistent” status was gone and I was back on the “has-been” list in my own head. At this point in my career, I needed to make a choice of which hat I was going to wear moving forward: a team owner or rider. I can’t be both. I’ve been living and working at an unsustainable rate and I’ve emotionally, physically, and financially exhausted myself. I’m stubborn and haven’t wanted to let go. I don’t like the thought of giving up on anything. It’s taken a year of swimming against the current to finally realize I needed to make changes quickly. I’m lucky to have the support of my wife and family who have helped me see that I was not only losing my love of racing, but also heading for a breakdown. My family and my health come first.

TwoTwo Motorsports was a dream team. I thought it was my future, but I now know it was just a chapter. I’m not ready to retire. I read a quote somewhere that said “Don’t give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about.” I’m not giving up on the goals of winning – just changing the way I do it.

To my wife, Ellie. Thank you for being my rock. You give me courage, love, and enthusiasm to do great things and continue to live my dreams. When everything feels like it’s falling apart, you are the glue that holds us together.

Even though my kids are too young to completely understand, I’m thankful to have raised them under the TwoTwo awning during their early years. It was a family friendly atmosphere and it made me very happy to be able to share my passion with them. They keep me young and teach me lessons beyond their realization.

A huge thanks to my TwoTwo team. You all took a chance joining the team and together we made history. The hardest part about this team closing is letting you go. We’ve built friendships and memories that can last a lifetime.

Thank you Josh Grant for joining us. Our time together got cut short. We are proud to have helped you achieve your best overall Supercross season. Though I cannot put a bike underneath him for the remaining Outdoors, I will continue to pay Josh and hope he can find a home to show off his talent soon.

To all the companies who have helped support TwoTwo Motorsports. Thank you for what you all brought to the table. Collectively we share the success and achievements made during our 5 years. 
I’m thankful and proud to say that even when I’m down, my sponsors want to stick with me. Their continued support is testament that I have truly surrounded myself with the best people and companies: Discount Tire, Monster Energy, Fox, Shift, 360fly, Oakley, Factory Effex, and Stance.

I’m hoping that the fans of TwoTwo Motorsports will be supportive of my decision. I know I have the best fans around the world and I promise this isn’t the end for me. There is still a lot to figure out as we step forward into the unknown. The future is exciting and waiting to be written.

— Chad Reed
TwoTwo Motorsports





Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Max Nagl did not start the MXGP of Germany his home round when he made contact with another rider soon after the start, crashing and breaking his ankle. He was leading the GP points chase.



We heard a rumor that Stefan Everts may be switching teams from KTM to Factory Honda’s GP racing effort.


This is from David Vuillemin’s Instagram:




Go to 3:41 into the highlights to see event.



Summer is almost here & Starting July 5th our Saturday & Sunday practice times will be changing to 8am-1pm.

Wednesday June 24th

Practice on the Main Track & Mini Track


$25 per rider

$10 50cc Pee Wee’s

Saturday June 27th

Practice on the Main, Vet, & Mini track


$25 per rider

$10 50cc Pee Wee’s

Overnight parking available for $10 & gates close at 7pm

Sunday June 28th

Over the Hill Gang Race on Main Track

Gates opening at 6:30am

Race gate fee: $10 Adults & $5 Kids (age 6-12)

Practice on Vet Track & Mini Track


$25 per rider

$10 50cc Pee Wee’s


Thank you for your continued support!

– Anthony Barbacovi & Crew





Slavens Racing Mule High Compression Component Cylinder Head Kit by S3

This is a nice bang for the buck for your KTM, Husaberg, Husqvarna or Beta 250/300. Does not reduce top-end performance. Does not require race gas. Big boost to low-end and mid-range performance and torque Forged aluminum for increased strength & increased coolant capacity 3 piece construction; shell, insert, spigot Interchangeable inserts for low or high elevation CNC machined for precise fit Includes 1 low elevation Mule SX insert (0-6000ft) & 1 high elevation Mule SX insert (6000ft-12,000ft) Only available at Slavens Racing $219


Slavens Mule 250/300 Cylinder Kits for KTM, Husaberg, Husqvarna

The complete SX cylinder kit includes: 2014-15 300 cylinder 2014-15 300 SX cylinder head (higher compression than stock 300) Increased compression delivers more low-end and mid-range performance Vertex piston kit (o.e.m.) (rings, piston pin, circlips) All powervalve parts All top-end gaskets & o-rings CDI ignition box (XC/XC-w) Major increase to low-end and mid-range torque and horsepower Smooth power delivery Increased torque makes it easier to ride Pulls a taller gear in many situations (climb hills in 3rd that you used to climb in 2nd) Increases traction Makes it easier to re-jet Increases fuel mileage Does NOT decrease engine life Runs on pump fuel Piston pin bearing is not included $899

Slavens Mule 300 Cylinder Kit w/S3 Head for KTM, Husaberg, Husqvarna

Turn your KTM/Husaberg/Husqvarna 250 into a 300 with a complete bolt-on kit. This kit has the upgraded 2012-15 port design and a Slavens Mule S3 cylinder head that gives more low-end torque and overall horsepower. You can now upgrade your ’08-’15 250 by turning it in to a 300 or you can upgrade your ’08-’11 300 to the ’12-’15 specifications with this quick and easy bolt-on kit. Runs on PUMP FUEL. Does NOT require new pipe/silencer. ALL ’08-’15 250/300 pipes fit and perform correctly. Available with an orange or blue S3 head $959

2016 KTM 450 SXF


With a spectacular, desert backdrop, Touratech’s Paul Guillien and Iain Glynn put the bike through its paces over two days in scorching heat and through challenging terrain. They give an honest assessment of the KLR and its strengths and weaknesses and don’t pull any punches. This video gives a clear picture of what a KLR 650 (with a little help from Touratech) can do.

The Kawasaki KLR 650 is a bike that has a reputation as the “gateway drug” for the Adventure Motorcycle culture. Riders with a desire to ride dual-sport can pick one up at a price that’s lower than most entries in the segment and once they’re hooked, they move to a bigger bike and never look back.

Many riders however, develop a love for the durability, adaptability and dependability of the KLR and continue to ride them for years. With that in mind, Touratech recently acquired a 2015 KLR 650 and had staff member Aaron Jennings equip it from top to bottom, with parts designed in Germany specifically for it.

“I have always been curious about the KLR 650, since so many folks choose it for their travels,” said Jennings. “It was great to spend a little time getting one all kitted out with our products. It’s an easy bike to work on, and its utility and performance are even better with upgraded suspension, protection and luggage.”

Touratech started the KLR upgrade with the suspension system and worked out from there, including a skid plate, Zega Mundo panniers and much more. When the build-out was finished the only thing left to do was ride it! Adventure filmmaker, Sterling Noren was on hand to record the testing and the result is a terrific video highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly of the KLR 650.





The tps meter is 94.95 and then the adapter needed to do the 2016 is 19.95. The end caps are 164.95. The power becomes slightly smoother off the very bottom but pulls smoothly into a slightly stronger top. It comes with a spark arrestor welded in place. The design of the end cap and the use of the spark arrestor screen result in a 3 db decrease for the wide open sound test. The end cap itself requires no programming change and weighs the same as the stock end cap. Check with for TPS setting information.

The Power Quiet Pipe folks along with Best Dual Sport Bikes have come up with a combo mod that works really well on the ‘15/16 KTM 450SXF/XCF. They help two teams on the east end of the country who claim that it helps make the power more tractable, broad and useable. Too, the roost through the sounds checks since the end cap calms the DB level on the machine.

There have been many reports of bikes coming with the TPS set as low as .42. The end result of this is the bike runs lean, resulting in hard starting and flameouts. The tps tool let’s you at least get it to .50 where the system was designed to work, but riders who are using the tps tool and adapter shown here are reporting back that the range of .58-.61 are bringing the performance of the bike to life in an unbelievable way.  This is with no change at all to the stock ecu programming.





Hakan Andersson was barely 16 and had only just got his motorcycle license when he entered his first motocross race back in 1962. Hakan:  “I had a 175 cc Husqvarna for my début and don’t really remember my results, only that I neither won nor came last to the finish line.” Hakan only competed in that one race, before moving on to 1963. But even before that season finished, he broke his leg and was unable to ride again for two months.


Hakan made his breakthrough as an MX rider, racing on a Husqvarna very soon after it healed. Hakan soon advanced from being a junior rider up to the senior class and he had already completed three seasons when he took part in the Swedish 250 cc Grand Prix back in 1966. The event was held in central Sweden at the Motala circuit and Hakan was a sensational third in the first moto. Suddenly everybody at the track was focused on this up-and-coming young rider who had come from nowhere and was now a real contender. And to underline he was a rider to watch out for, Hakan was also riding in third position in the second moto before a puncture put an end to this great day. “It was a tremendous success for me,” says Hakan. “One day changed my whole world! But I was a bit disappointed not being able to finishing the second moto.”


The 1966 season went well for Andersson who finished third in the 250 cc national championship on his Husqvarna. This was an excellent result when you remember that at least ten top riders were chasing that elusive Swedish title that year. The following year Hakan Andersson became world champion for the very first time. He was then part of the Swedish team competing for the exclusive “Trophée des Nations”, this time held in the Czech town of Holice. The team’s success however came at a cost for Hakan who had a bad crash and seriously injured his knee.

His career first GP win in Czechoslovakia where he beat all the competition, including Joel Robert who until now had totally dominated the 250 cc class. After four rounds of the championship Hakan Andersson was only two points behind the Belgian-born MX star. The international world of racing reverberated with the news that a new star was born!

For more on this story go to



Murrieta, CA – KTM North America, Inc. is excited to announce the remaining dates of the 2015 KTM Moto Tour where participants can test ride the new 2016 SX model line-up before they buy.

The KTM Moto Tour program is a chance for riders to demo a new KTM SX model prior to purchase. In addition, each participant will also receive special offers from the Ride Orange sponsors. The KTM Moto Tour program kicked-off in Crawfordsville, IN on June 12th and has additional stops across the U.S. at popular motocross riding parks for the remainder of the season.

2015 KTM Moto Tour Schedule:

  1. Ironman Raceway – Crawfordsville, IN – June 12, 2015
  2. Winchester Speed Park – Winchester, NH – June 22, 2015
  3. Pleasure Valley Raceway – Pleasure Valley, PA – July 19, 2015
  4. Briarcliff MX Park – Nashport, OH – August 8, 2015
  5. Spring Creek Raceway – Millville, MN – August 15, 2015
  6. Washougal MX Park – Washougal, WA – August 24, 2015
  7. Thunder Valley Raceway – Lakewood, CO – September 11, 2015
  8. Lake Elsinore MX Park – Lake Elsinore, CA – October 2, 2015
  9. Prairie City OHV Park – Rancho Cordova, CA – October 9, 2015
  10. ADVMX Park – Del Valle, TX – November 9, 2015
  11. Village Creek MX Park – Fort Worth, TX – November 13, 2015
  12. Thundercross MX Park – Okeechobee, FL – November 20, 2015
  13. Gatorback MX Park – Gainesville, FL – November 23, 2015

KTM will have the entire line of full-size 2016 SX models available to test including: 125 SX, 150 SX, 250 SX, 250 SX-F, 350 SX-F and 450 SX-F.

Interested participants must obtain a pass from their local KTM dealership in order to participant in a Moto Tour demo ride. Participants must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid government-issued photo ID in order to participate. All riders must also come prepared with the appropriate riding gear, including: a DOT approved helmet, jersey, riding pants, gloves, goggles and boots. Please visit your local KTM dealer for more information and schedule updates.



Here’s some pics that Kato shot of the guys in the trenches who actually pay to participate in a fairly evil event and a video from Beau Cottington that does the event justice and shows just how tough it was.







Presented by Prairie Dogs MC. Filmed and edited by Beau Cottington, video brought to you by Seat Time, SRT Offroad, RPM Race Team, Klim Gear, and TBT Racing. Big thanks to the club and congrats to all the racers on a tough job well done, for more videos and DVD’s visit:




This was 1999 and although this was my bike, it was an exact replica of the team machine that Rodney  [Smith] won the GNCC series with. As I think back this was one of my favorite RM’s, it had full Showa A kit suspension tuned by my current chassis engineer Rob Henricksen, Terry Varner did the cylinder giving us more useable bottom and mid and Donny Elmer built us a variety of pipes to heighten any part of the power band we wanted, that thing was bad ass.




The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer.”

– John Madden



Ricky Carmichael, factory Honda CR250 mounted rode the fine line between life and catastrophe. His fitness level was off the charts, his commitment to winning was everything. And he always danced the “go for it’ at all cost mentality.






Seems like 5 minutes ago I was racing for Kolbe Honda in 1980. Andy (the owner) was a super good friend, and I happened to work for him and through his generosity he set me up with a Can-Am 400. I’d raced the two years previous for Andy on Can Am’s but it wasn’t until we got the 400 that things started to jell. My results improved, I finished as a AA enduro rider and won the District 37 Heavyweight Enduro title. My partner in crime was Pete Smith and we hit every enduro possible in the western U.S. In retrospect I wouldn’t be where I am today, pecking at a keyboard in the lush Dirt Bike offices without Andy Kolbe and Pete Smith’s guidance and help.

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