One of the fastest men to ever race in the woods was Johnny Martin. A Can-Am factory rider from 1979 through the mid 80s, John had the innate ability flick and carve tight trees like no one, except maybe Dick Burleson. John won one title in 1985, a National Hare Scrambles championship though he came close several times in the National Enduro chase. I had the good fortune to ride quite a bit with Johnny in ’79 and ’80 when I too rode a Can-Am. We would ride out of Tony Murphy’s house in Phelan and to this day I’m still amazed at John’s speed, but more importantly his technical ability. He had incredible balance, a trait that he was forced to learn simply because the bikes at the time were getting super tall, and John lacked the height to dab and push with his legs. Of course he went on to own Millville Motocross and has two kids who have done fairly well in the motocross world in Jeremy and Alex.



Motool Slacker

Motool’s new Slacker digital sag scale V2 with Auto Zero is quickly becoming the industry standard for suspension tuning. The new Auto Zero feature allows you to take a measurement without the need for a stand or a helper. You simply put the tool in Auto Zero mode with the bike under it’s own weight, then you just lift it to unload the suspension, and it automatically locates the zero point. This makes taking measurements on the fly fast and painless and even more accurate than the original Slacker. Slacker is currently used by many top off-road, supercross and motocross teams. 


Pro Circuit Team hat

The Pro Circuit Team hats feature iconic Monster Energy, Pro Circuit and Kawasaki logos embroidered on the front and a Monster Energy claw embroidered on the back. An essential accessory for any moto fan. Grab a snapback and show your support for the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team.



TM Designworks Extreme Coverage Skid Plate

The Extreme Coverage Skid Plate from TM Designworks now combines excellentt engine and frame protection with a fully integrated linkage guard. A special nylon-composite plastic features TM Designworks  Impact Absorbing Technology along with a silicone additive that allows the bike to easily slide over obstacles. This model does not rattle like aluminum plates and the included hardware is designed to flex with the frame as to not compromise performance. Each skid plate is precisely hand formed and features a convenient oil drain plug hole. Price: $149.95


Billet Clutch Cable Bracket: Removes all flex from the engine mounted cable holder giving the clutch a smoother, more consistent feel. $59.95







The year, 1991. The bike, Kawasaki KDX250. The rider, Twebb in his JT gear. The memory, this was my favorite…helmet ever! Light, great vision, superb proportional face guard. The bike came when Kawa fought to stay with Suzuki and their RMX250. It was heavy, thick through the middle and wasn’t fit with a stellar engine- at least for what we wanted on the west coast. Unfortunately for both companies KTM had just reworked their 250 and 300 and they would set the trend that carries through to today!

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