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In the early 1970s, European riders dominated motocross and while the sport was just starting to ignite in popularity in the U.S., Jim Pomeroy went to Europe and in 1973 he stunned the world when he won the 1973 Spanish Grand Prix on a Bultaco. He was a privateer and the Spanish marque signed him, where he raced the GP scene until 1976. This shot is 1975, the machine has Marzocchi leading axle forks as the long travel era had hit the motocross environment.







Photos from Kinney King from last weeks Cherokee National Enduro

Evan Smith put in a great ride carding fifth overall.
Ryder Lafferty is carrying on the family name with better results each week on the National Enduro circuit. He was 6th overall, first in the Pro2 division.
Multi-time National Enduro champ Russell Bobbitt is still a player finishing 7th overall.
Steward Baylor could not match his brothers speed, but took the final podium position.
Josh Toth is one of the young guns and has shown that he has the skill set to be competitive in Extreme, GNCC and Enduro.
Grant Baylor won all seven special tests!





FMF continues to excel with their very ‘current’ ad campaigns.



Vintage Pomeroy doesn’t get any better!


The motocross bible if you were dreaming of moto in the early 70s!




John Desoto, one of the few men who could manhandle the infamous TM400!


Love this shot of my friend Dave Coombs Sr. This man was a world champion promoter of dirt bikes- all fashions and forms.





Slavens Mule National Shock by MXT The Slavens Mule National Shock by MXT is equipped with the incredible technology, advanced coatings and has superior adjustability. It is handmade in the USA by MX Tech and tuned to Slavens specs with custom valving for each customer’s needs. -Lightest shock on the market (Over 1 pound lighter than O.E.M. shock) -HUCK VALVE (Speed Sensitive Anti-Bottoming Control System) -Five Points of Adjustment -Mid Speed Compression -Low Speed Compression Bypass -Low Speed Rebound -Mid Speed Rebound -MXT TANK (Large Reservoir System) -Hybrid piston/bladder design utilizing Zavorotti suspension technology. – Kashima Coating for low friction, and durability -DLC Coated 18mm Induction Hardened Shock Shaft – Low friction coating and durability. -Kashima Coated Body Custom valved for each customer and includes spring matched to rider weight Free shipping in the U.S.A. One free service includes all labor for original purchaser (wearable items and oil are not included). $2,400

Enduro Engineering’s Carbon Fiber Exhaust Pipe Guard protects your pipe from dents and dings caused by debris such as rocks and logs. An Exhaust pipe is shaped for optimal performance of your machine, if it gets dents or bent, it will no longer work as well as it should. The Enduro Engineering Carbon Fiber Pipe Guard is a great way to help preserve your pipe in the most extreme of conditions. $139.95


An often-overlooked factor when it comes to the action of your motorcycle’s front forks is the front wheel alignment. Specifically, this refers to the positioning of the right axle carrier on the axle. If the axle carrier is out of alignment on the axle, it can lead to a stiction-causing bind. The bind results in the forks being unable to move as freely through the first few inches of travel as they’re capable. In action, this will lead to a harsher feel over smaller chop.



This is Indian Dunes, 1973. I’m on my ’72 CZ 250 racing on the International Track. I’ve tossed my goggles, raced without gloves (I didn’t know what arm pump was but thought gloves made them go to cement) and typical to my inherent style, my cheek is puffed out from sticking my tongue sideways. I was very happy when the Jofa became popular as it would cover up my unique facial gestures.

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