If there was ever a man who emerged from the journeyman world of motocross and evolve into one of our greatest champions it was Jeff Stanton. While I was on I read an incredible story about his rise to fame. Terry Good, a brilliant collector and restorer of historical motocross machinery tells the tale of Jeff, and his role in the development of the 1989 Honda RC250. It was the waning years of HRC, where Honda had committed to fund HRC for 10-years. Their goal was to develop the best equipment and put Honda on top of the racing community. From “It was Dave Arnold who hired Jeff Stanton who was a Yamaha support rider to the mighty Honda Motocross Team. “I hired Jeff as a project, basically to help him develop into a top rider but more importantly, he was hired as a test rider. I did not want to burn out our top riders like Ricky Johnson with endless hours of testing. I wanted someone like Jeff who was a dedicated, focused and hard working rider who had talent and did what he was told.” As it turned out, after trying to “basically run him into the ground” Jeff turned out to be an excellent test rider. He played a major role in the development of the ’89 RC250, which to this day riders say was the best 250 Honda ever made. Stanton said “Our 1989 250 was by far the best, much better than the bikes we had in the 90s.” In Dave Arnold’s words “Our 250’s in the 1990’s were designed after HRC got out and were garbage compared to the 1989 bike.” We’ll get more in depth in another Blast from the Past where Stanton and the most dominant racer on the planet Ricky Johnson became close friends. The motocross world was evolving, and Jeff Stanton was on a high-speed elevator to the Penthouse Suite. Thanks to and go to their site for in depth coverage of motocross works machines and the history of the sport.














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Sunstar 2019 Kawasaki Works Triplestar Aluminum Rear Sprocket
Sunstar’s Works Triplestar Aluminum Rear Sprocket is made from  7075-T6 Aluminum, reduces weight without sacrificing durability or performance. Tested and developed in the toughest conditions from deep sand to thick mud, engineered mud grooves help shed buildup on the sprocket for a longer lifespan and reduced rolling resistance.  $67.95



DT-1 Filters Yamaha Backfire Screen Removal Kit


The popular DT-1 Backfire Screen Removal Kit is available now for ’18-19 Yamaha models. It replaces the stock backfire screen with a screen-less aluminum cage and replaces the OEM filter with a DT-1 Air Filter. These high-quality components increase air flow to the motor and boost overall horsepower without sacrificing engine protection. The screen-less cage must be used in conjunction with DT-1’s flame-retardant Filter Oil. DT-1’s kit fits the 2018-2019 YZ450F and 2019 YZ250F. $250.00


Glide Kit for WP AER 48 Forks by SKF
Tired of quad ring failures? Have your forks stayed in the collapsed position after you released the tie down straps? Have your forks stuck down on cold days? The SKF Glide Kit fixes all of those problems and improves overall performance. The SKF Glide Kit replaces the stock cartridge rod seals on the AIR and OIL damper legs as well as an Air Divider Piston seal in the WP AER 48mm fork. Suitable for both KTM and Husqvarna bike models equipped with WP AER forks. The updated forks benefit from less seal drag (friction) and virtually eliminated stick/slip. The rider will immediately feel better small bump absorption during braking, less arm pump and smoother feel. The reduced friction also allows for better damping, making the forks now more responsive to clicker settings. $179.99 




This was back in the day, early 90s and was in our backyard playground. We were big on cliff climbing, something that I watched Bob Hannah do when I was out exploring in the area in 1982! The best cliff climbers that I rode with and witnessed were without a doubt Rich Taylor and Keith Mertz. Keith was Bob’s riding partner and even Hannah said Mertz was on another level and Rich was flat incredible. I remember being there with Danny Hamel watching Rich perform his antics and Danny said “that guy is has some talent. This kinda stuff scares the crap out of me!” We still ride down this canyon as part of our loop, and I look at what we use to do and think…that’s just nuts.

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