Jaak Van Velthoven was a huge favorite of the Brothers Webb during his heyday in the early 70s. The Belgium motocross star was the size of an NBA forward (6’6”) and when mounted on the machines of the day it looked like he was riding a skateboard. Jaak raced for Husqvarna, then Yamaha and finished his career with KTM. In 1973 he finished third in the  World Championships and was a pivotal player in the evolution of the Yamaha YZ as it segued from dual shocks into the single shock, long travel world. Jaak was also a member of four winning Belgian teams at the Motocross ds Nations in 1972, 1973, 1976 and 1977. In talking with Brother Mike about the photo he had some very interesting info about Jaak. At the ’03 Six Days in Fortaleza, Brazil, Bengt Van Veltoven was one of the support crew for Stefan Everts (who blew away the off-road world in his first ISDE defeating Stefan Merriman and Juha Salminen). The son of Jaak and Mike became friends and he learned that he was named after Bengt Aberg, and his other brother was named Arne, for Arne Kring. Aberg won World Championships racing for Husqvarna, in ’69 & ’70, while Arne finished second in ’70 after leading the series after nine rounds and then breaking his back at a non-championship round .


This event will be held at Southern California Logistics Airport, Victorville, California on the old Westwinds golf course. The event date is set for MAY 26-27th 2018 and will be hosting on Saturday May 7, a vintage motorcycle show, a music band and many off-road motorcycle celebrities.



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Pro Circuit’s latest Platinum Pipe, 304 Silencer and Type 296 Spark Arrestor Silencer are now available for the 2018 Gas Gas XC 300. Months of testing went into making a strong  performance  gain while enhancing the traction factor of the Gas Gas.


Works Connection, Inc., manufacturer and distributor of components for MX/Off-Road motorcycles and ATV’s, announces the launch of their new website Designed with a focus on providing fast, accurate navigation to create a straightforward experience for consumers and dealers. “We’re excited to introduce our new website tailored for your mobile, tablet, laptop or PC experience along with the added convenience of PayPal. The site showcases every product available for the selected Brand/Model/Year all on an individual webpage. From a single page the user can view multiple photos, videos and detailed descriptions to help them explore and fully understand the products and their function”, states Eric Phipps, Works Connection, Inc. president.




RESCUE PEGS Rescue Pegs are simple clip-on foot peg extensions for off-road motorcycles, designed to provide passengers a safe and easy place to position their feet. Most off-road motorcycles are not equipped with passenger foot pegs, leaving nowhere for passengers to place their feet. Rescue Pegs offer a simple solution by clipping onto the existing foot pegs providing twice the amount of foot peg space without permanent installation or modification of the bike. Rescue Pegs come in two styles, the original FS1 model and the FS2 model designed to be fully adjustable to fit a wider range of stock and aftermarket foot peg sizes and styles. The original FS1 model fits most modern full-size motocross and enduro bikes. The FS2 model fits nearly every other bike on the market, from very narrow to very tall pegs. Most aftermarket pegs are also covered by one of the two Rescue Pegs models.




Trail Tech is proud to release our brand new Voyager Pro, the Connected Rider’s GPS. Bluetooth enabled for intercom, phone and media controls along with features like Trail Tech’s patent pending Buddy Tracking technology, which allows up to 20 riders to connect for maximized riding experience. View members of your riding party in real time, increase your following distances and forget about following the crowd. With the touch of a button, riders can quickly alert their party when help is needed by enabling the emergency beacon feature.

The 4” glove friendly color touchscreen display is visible in all conditions, including direct sunlight. Rated IP67 for anti-dust/water intrusion, it’s built to withstand the harshest elements that come with extreme riding conditions. Voyager Pro integrates with your vehicle using standard Trail Tech sensors providing vital ride data such as engine temperature, RPM, battery voltage, speed/distance and more. Both model specific and universal kits are available for nearly all motorcycle, ATV/UTV, and automotive applications.  Available now for $599.95



This is the Honda intro ride for the CR500 at LA County Raceway. It was 1995 and the middle of summer, which made testing in the California desert a bit of a challenge. I had a love/hate relationship with the CR500. Brand new they were tight, the vibration wasn’t too offensive and they made mongo power from the upper bottom into a mid range that would peal your lips back. It was a monster and big bore aficionados craved the boost. Today they are still incredibly popular and one of the top ‘builds’ in the two stroke renaissance.

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