Bob Hannah, 1976 Sears Point Trans AM. The racers craved the natural terrain at Sears point,  great  for the Americans  still trying to find a way to battle with the dominant European motocrossers. 1976 was the Hurricanes coming out year as he crushed America’s super hero Marty Smith in the 125 Nationals. Hannah became consumed with winning against the ‘euros’ and his hero Roger DeCoster was a driving force to win. RD won the Trans-AMA series in ’76 and ’77, it took Bob until 1978 to win the championship.

The infamous Mark Kiel snapped the pic!


Moab closed off?


Hello Fellow Off-Road Enthusiast:
Once again our trails are under attack! I’ve been enjoying the Moab area for more than 40 years and I’m very angry at this latest attempt by elitist, self-entitled tree huggers to block motorized access to this area. The Moab area is a gem that can never be duplicated or replaced and should remain open to all types of motorized use. We contribute millions of dollars annually to the Moab area economy via the consumption of fuel, maintenance, food and lodging and our exit will devastate the local economy.
Please use the link below to provide a polite, unemotional comment that expresses your concerns. Threats, curse words and emotional comments will not promote our cause.
Please send in your comment NOW! Time is of the essence. Comments must be submitted by this coming Monday, April 26th.
Talking points for your comment submission:
  • Our positive financial impact on the local economy
  • Our volunteer work to build new trail systems
  • Our volunteer work to maintain and improve jeep roads, ATV and MC trails
  • Our financial contribution to the area trails via purchasing off-road stickers – millions of dollars annually – hikers and bicycle riders contribute nothing
  • Our right as taxpayers to use public land
  • How you, your family and friends use and enjoy the area
Jeff Slavens
Motorized off-road enthusiast,
Our trails in Moab are being threatened! Southwest Utah Wilderness Alliance is trying to shutdown 330,000 acres of motorized recreation access in the Labyrinth Rims/Gemini Bridge Special Recreation Area outside of Moab. This includes every trail west of Highway 191 and north of town to the interstate. Affected trails include: Gemini Bridges, Rusty Nail, Golden Spike, Gold Bar Rim, Golden Crack, Poison Spider, Monitor & Merimac, Seven Mile Rim, Bull Canyon, White Wash Dunes, 10 Mile Canyon, Bartlett, Tusher, Determination Towers, Mashed Potatoes, Secret Spire, Dubinky, 3D, Dead Cow, The Tubes, and all the atv/single-track surrounding the dunes.
Make your voice heard! Visit Click the green box on the left that says “Participate Now” and then click on the green box on the right that says “Participate Now”. Follow the submission process and urge the BLM to keep this wonderful area open. Submissions are open until 4/26/21. Please feel free to share this link to anyone who enjoys riding in the beauty that is Moab!



We just returned from the Nevada 200, a bucket list trail ride put on by Scot Harden and Daryl Folks. Here’s a few pics from the event.

82 years young, Max Switzer navigates the ‘A Loop only’ Ho Chi Jack trail.
Mike Webb and his trusty RMZ450 dance down an ugly trail.

Tom Webb took a new KTM 500EXC (with some mods) to the Nevada 200 and kept moaning “I always forget that this part of Nevada is painted with rocks and oceans of sand washes- with rocks!”
Mike Webb, Max Switzer and Shane Nalley on the trail.
The group prior to setting off on Saturday morning.



Kamo Crushes the Field at Desert Rats Sand City 100
David Kamo
The wind was blowing like crazy, but nothing slowed defending SIDRA champion David Kamo from stomping the hearts of the other competitors on Sunday’s Desert Rats Sand City 100 near Grandview, Idaho.  After coming off a tough National Hare & Hound in Idaho, he left nothing for chance and led Sunday’s 90 mile main event from start to finish.
Tate Hurley
Tate Hurley grabbed the two-spot on his Moto One KTM, while Blayde Jones put his Let’s Ride GasGas on the final podium spot.
Blade Jones
After grabbing a podium spot in Pro Womens at the Idaho NHHA, Rachel Stout returned to lay her claim on the Top spot, while Lexy Baker continues to show her speed on her Beta 250 RR to take runner-up.  Idaho’s newest Women’s Pro, Ashlee Gage, had a rough start and played catch-up resulting in a 3rd place for the day.
Rachel Stout
Lexy Baker
Ashlee Gage
Danny Adair of Fastway by Pro Moto Billet  was on hand to capture the action.
Overall/Pro AA
1 – David Kamo  #1
2 – Tate Hurley #32
3 – Blayde Jones #328
Womens A
1 –  Rachel Stout T18L
2 – Lexy Baker N110L
3 – Ashlee Gage 1L / / @sidraracingDESE


Kenny Zart and Billy Grossi duking it out at the Saddleback- 1974 Trans-Am. Photo Mark Kiel




First Ride: XBrand Lucid goggle

We were stoked to get a set of the new Xbrand Lucid Goggles just in time for the Nevada 200. The new wave of goggle technology is a game changer. Although the ease of lens changing is noteworthy, to us  it’s the quality of vision. The new Xtreme Definition Optics are revolutionary, injection molding allows zero visual distortion. The new frame design creates a much larger viewing window and even though we were treated to snow flurries on the ride we experienced no fogging. The Lucid system was superior to the standard framed goggle in the dust and even after 70 plus cloudy miles the interior was clean. Super impressed with fit and comfort not to mention style, good stuff!!


Idaho City Qualifier, 1990. This was a classic 4-day event with tons of trail and excellent special tests. On this weekend I rode with Brother Mike and my buddy Mental and will always remember the stunning final Moto laid out on a huge hillside. It felt full ‘euro’! I was racing a modified Suzuki RMX250, it had a Race Tech valved RM fork and shock, RM 250 cylinder and blue rims (don’t remember where I found those!).

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