THE WEEKLY FEED: Gaylon Mosier circa 1976


Mark Kiel captured Gaylon Mosier testing the 1976 Maico AW400 at the Indian Dunes Shadow Glen course. Gaylon was a favorite for the journeyman racer, being a Maico pilot from 1975-77. Gaylon was flamboyant, his style electric and his bikes segued from Wheelsmith built machines to full factory hardware. Gaylon is famous for racing the ‘jackshaft’ bike built by Rick Jones, a machine that ran a drive chain from countershaft sprocket to a sprocket at the swingarm pivot. The reason? Long travel machines had trouble keeping their chains in tact since huge amounts of slop were needed. Eventually the manufacturers moved the countershaft sprocket closer to the swingarm pivot which fixed the dilemma.




Some Rad four wheeler footage


This is some sick air!


This girl hauls the mail!





Moto-Skiveez: Performance Adventure Tights

Moto-Skiveez® is redefining riding comfort with their highly anticipated Performance Adventure Tights. Based off the popular Adventure Skiveez, this 3/4 length tight incorporates the comfort of a specially designed riding pad with the performance benefits of compression. Riding comfort begins with base layer quality and this 3/4 length base layer tight is designed to comfortably fit next to the rider to reduce muscle fatigue and improve riding stamina. The Performance Adventure Tights use single layer proprietary foam to reduce riding discomfort. The unique riding pad supports riders by cushioning common pressure points and areas of irritability. In addition to comfort, this pad technology also improves overall moisture absorption and breath-ability for any adventure. Price: $80




Johnny Aubert GasGas mounted!


Jim Pomeroy, Factory Bultaco. Check out the gear-Love it! Carrera 98s, Heckle boots Lancer leathers. That’s Torlief Hansen in his rear view mirror.




Supercross kicks off this weekend!!




In 1982 Husky introduced their newest open machine, the CR500. We called it the Silver Streak and it replaced the very popular (with us) 430. Where the 430 was smooth, tractable and easy to ride the 500 erupted with a throb, barked out a big middle blast and didn’t make a whole lot of yank on top. To me it was harder to ride, wore me out and the vibration factor killed me. I think my arms are still buzzing, but it was Husky’s way of combating the flotilla of machines coming from Japan in the YZ490, the Honda CR480, the RM500 and the KX500.

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