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Prior to Chuck Sun’s epic Motocross des Nations heroics in 1981 while racing for Factory Honda, he was a Husqvarna star out of Oregon. This shot is from the 1976 Saddleback Trans Am and  Chuck’s Husqvarna machine is Fox Air Shock equipped, which the Husky team ran on all of their machines. In 1978 he won the 250 class at the Trans-AMA and then got signed by Honda and went on to win the 1980 500cc National Championship, along with a GP win at Carlsbad in 1981. Thanks to Mark Kiel for the shot.





Husqvarna Motorcycles has three new ‘Real Street’ models, the VITPILEN 401, the SVARTPILEN 401 and the VITPILEN 701.

All three motorcycles will be available to purchase in North American, South American, Asian and Australian dealers before the end of April. These new models helps Husqvarna Motorcycles take another vital step towards fulfilling their progressive vision of street motorcycling. Devoid of any excess and focused on providing a pure riding experience the VITPILEN 401 is a refreshingly simple and progressive urban street motorcycle that provides a new gateway into motorcycling culture for a wider range of riders. Inspired by the same unique design approach that runs through the VITPILEN family, the VITPILEN 701 is an all-modern, large displacement single-cylinder motorcycle created to provide a raw and authentic experience to the rider.


Taylor Robert Injury Update
The FMF KTM Factory Racing Team has issued an injury update on team member Taylor Robert, who was involved in a practice crash incident at the end of February that has left him sidelined due to injuries sustained in his arm and hand.

Two weeks after the initial incident, Robert was able to undergo a successful surgery to repair damaged ligaments in his left thumb as he begins his next step toward recovery. In addition to his thumb injuries, Robert also sustained a fractured ulna and radius in his left arm, both of which have shown favorable healing thus far. According the doctor, the bones in Robert’s arm should heal at the same time as his thumb, giving him another four weeks until the cast is removed and he’s able to start physical therapy.

Robert’s exact return to racing is still undetermined but the team is confident that he will be back on the bike before the first half of the season is over.





LS2 Helmets U.S. in partnership with RevZilla is NOW ACCEPTING RIDER SUPPORT APPLICATIONS for 2018. 

LS2 Helmets U.S. in partnership with RevZilla is NOW ACCEPTING RIDER SUPPORT APPLICATIONS for 2018. Both brands are looking to support amateur racers across the country. Top selected riders will receive LS2 MX470 Subverter Helmets for the season, while runners up will be eligible for aggressive pro deal pricing. If you believe you have what it takes to represent both LS2 and RevZilla, apply through the link below!

The MX470 Subverter brings the absolute latest in helmet technology to the world of motocross. The lightweight shell is made from LS2’s proprietary Kinetic Polymer Alloy, which utilizes nanotechnology to enhance the penetration resistance, strength and energy management of the shell, without adding weight. Combined with their Synthetic Scalp System rotational energy management system, the Subverter will go head-to-head with any brand of MX helmet on the market today. This system offers the largest slip plane in the industry and works with the comfort liner to mitigate rotational energy.



Husqvarna Motorcycles are pleased to announce full details of the Bike Rental, Race Service and Spare Parts packages that will be offered during this year’s International Six Days Enduro in Chile.

Kicking off on November 12 in the city of Viña de Mar, the upcoming 93rd edition of the prestigious annual event returns to Chile 11 years after the race was last held in the country, in La Serena, 2007. An exclusive partner to the competition, Husqvarna Motorcycles will be on site to offer a comprehensive range of services to satisfy the needs of both professional and amateur competitors, as well as teams from all around the world.

Husqvarna Motorcycles’ experienced personnel will be on hand in Viña de Mar to support all Husqvarna mounted riders contesting the week-long event. The range of services on offer will include: Husqvarna Bike Rental, Race Service and Spare Parts.

Husqvarna ISDE Bike Rental

Husqvarna Motorcycles offer an exclusive rental program of Husqvarna motorcycles.

Available will be 2019 enduro motorcycles for the following classes:

• 2-stroke: TE 250i, TE 300i

• 4-stroke: FE 250, FE 350, FE 450, FE 501

The price for renting a Husqvarna motorcycle during the Six Days is:

• € 2.740,- (excl. VAT) for 2-strokes

• € 3.040,- (excl. VAT) for 4-strokes

The rental price includes:

• Husqvarna motorcycle for the period of the 2018 ISDE

• Bike transport costs to Viña de Mar, Chile

• Registration and insurance of the motorcycle for the event

Order deadline for the bike rental is June 30, 2018.

The number of rental bikes is limited and orders will be handled on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. No delivery guarantee can be given for orders received after the order deadline.

Husqvarna ISDE Race Service

Perfected over many years, Husqvarna Motorcycles’ International Six Days Enduro Race Service package ensures all Husqvarna riders (rental bike or privately owned) get the best equipment and professional support, allowing them to focus on racing and enjoying the event.

Husqvarna Race Service Highlights:

• Access to the Husqvarna Service Stations

• Technical instructions for all Husqvarna riders

• Technical assistance for the whole event as is permitted according to FIM rules

• Tools for the service

• Motorex Lubricants and liquids for servicing (engine oil, cooling liquid, chain spray, etc.)

• Petrol for race days

• Daily update for settings and race information

• WP suspension support

• Storage boxes for gloves, goggles, tyres, etc.

• Service Points Emergency Assistance (spares, tools, liquids, petrol, drinks, snacks, fruit)

• Spare Parts Service (cost of spare parts not included)

• Catering (drinks, snacks, fruit, etc.)

• One air filter every day for the race days per rider (up to six air filters in total)

• First bike service after pre-ride (before technical control)

• The price for the Husqvarna Race Service during the 2018 ISDE is € 1.350 (excl. VAT). Unused fuel will not be reimbursed.

The Husqvarna ISDE Race Service must be ordered before September 30, 2018.

Riders interested in receiving further info should contact official Husqvarna Motorcycles dealers or importers.

The Husqvarna team will be in Viña de Mar to welcome you to the ISDE and to guarantee you receive expert technical assistance during your time in Chile.




Emig/McGrath battle: great racing here!

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Former dirt bike editors heading to work

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Kendall Norman is back and dominating the desert

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Graham Jarvis, with a little help from his friends

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The water jump is the ultimate off-road ballet, yet are always a risky proposition. Clear them nicely and the thrill is supernatural. Clip the landing a little crooked and you eat the big Sloppy Joe in front of the world. Thanks to Mark Kariya for the photos.




Eli Tomac went from last to second at Daytona following an awkward dismount that left his clutch lever bent dramatically. It made for great moto!


The Factory RH Suzuki’s were state of the art, unfortunately they ran out of budget for bikes stands!


1975 was a year of suspension experimentation.



FMF is bullish on 2-strokes


Destry Abbott is an amazing man. Fighting the big C, dealing with treatments that knock normal humans into dust and then racing his KTM to second overall at the Sprint Hero Enduro.






2018 RMZ450 G3-LD Gold Valve Shock Kit

Race Tech has just released a new Gold Valve Shock Kit for the Showa BFRC shock found on the 2018 RMZ450.  The innovative “Balance Free” twin-tube shock design has potential but also has its own special challenges. In stock form, test riders complained about both harshness as well as a wallowy feel.

This shock design greatly benefits from Gold Valves that drastically changes the flow characteristic. Gold Valves eliminate restriction and allow the valve stack to provide precise control.  The Race Tech Gold Valve Shock Kit provides a plush, consistant, yet firm feel with drastically improved bottoming resistance.

The Race Tech Gold Valve Shock Kit includes:

  • Compression Gold Valve
  • Rebound Gold Valve
  • DVS Access Code for Personalized Valving Setting
  • Shims and related hardware to build personalized settings




In the early 80s I was heavily vested in the California enduro scene. For a brief time in 1982 I race tested a Maico 490 Alpha E. This is a Northern California enduro (I think the Fools Gold) and I had a decent ride until I clipped a huge fallen tree that laid across the road and had a window cut out for us to ride through. I don’t remember much other than riding down the fire road realizing that all of my time keeping gear had been torn off my bars, and for the life of me, I couldn’t recall exactly what I was doing and why my body hurt all the way down to my hair. Eventually it all came back. I had clipped the tree at speed and rattled my noggin’ while nearly tearing the front off of the Maico.


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