BLAST FROM THE PAST- Charlie Mullins

Charlie Mullins was on his way to being a dominant force in any dirt bike off-road discipline  from National Enduros, to GNCC and the ISDE. Charlie won a National Enduro Championship for Yamaha in 2010, and again for KTM the next year. In 2013 he took home his first GNCC title, again on a KTM. His career was cut short in 2014   when he had a mechanical problem testing  and destroyed his wrist. He was a  serious threat anytime the trail got nasty and tight. Today he has been at the top of the GNCC E-MTB class, showcasing what was always one of his strengths and that was fitness.
Charlie raced for Team Suzuki in 2009.
Racing a Yamaha in 2010 brought Charlie a National Enduro Championship.

Charlie (and his wife) manage the operations of Mototees, he owns Gear bicycles and he’s pursuing a career as a pro cyclist. He’s won a title at UCI World Championships winning the Masters (regular XC bicycle) , has big finishes in the E-bike racing arena (Sea Otter win and a fourth at the UCI eMTB Worlds). Charlie also works with KTM’s off-road crew as a trainer.

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Registration for Cherokee National Enduro & Huntersville National Enduro have been delayed

While we are continuing to monitor the Covid-19 situation throughout the country we have decided to delay the registration for the Huntersville National Enduro in Huntersville, MN.  Originally we had registration opening on May 13th. We have decided to follow suit with what we did for the Cherokee Registration. That will put the registration open date for the Minnesota National Enduro 2 weeks before the scheduled event. Registration will now open on June 3rd at 8pm EST.  This will give us a better time frame to know if the event will be possible to run by then.

Thank you for the understanding of the situation at hand. We are hoping to be racing again very soon.


Registration for 2020 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days opens

Photo: Matt Milanowski/AMA

 Motorcycle racers across the nation may now sign up to participate in 2020 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, which are July 10-12 at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio. The annual celebration of America’s motorcycling heritage features competition in hare scrambles, motocross, trials, flat track and road racing. Pit bike and holeshot exhibitions also are planned.

Class winners in the trials, hare scrambles, motocross and road racing disciplines will receive AMA National No. 1 plates. The flat track race, which takes place on July 11 at the Ashland County Fairgrounds in Ashland, Ohio, is part of the AMA Vintage Flat Track National Championship Series.

In addition, two riders will be named AMA Off-Road Vintage Grand Champion and AMA Senior Off-Road Vintage Grand Champion for excelling in their respective expert-level-eligible classes.

To register for road racing, visit Pre-event registration closes July 1. For off-road disciplines and flat track, go to Pre-event registration closes July 6.For a complete list of racing classes, visit

The AMA is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and restrictions on event gatherings. It is our hope that this event will be held as scheduled, but that could change. Watch for updates at and on AMA social media channels.










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Currently we’re working on several projects, a Gummy Tire test (around 12 or 13 tires) and a long haul Beta 300RR report. Test rider Ryan Koch is playing a large role in both stories, his forte is off-road with trials and hard enduro the caveats in his arsenal.

Ryan testing tires and his favorite steed, the Beta 300RR.
We have about a dozen Gummy rear tires that we’re currently testing. This is the Shinko 525 Cheater.
The tire test loops target more extreme, or hard enduro terrain where the Gummy, or sticky character of the tires provides a big advantage.



Southern Ohio National Enduro, maybe 1985. Got my butt kicked badly as this California boy wasn’t use to the slick trails, super tight terrain and the speeds that the riders exhibited in conquering the terrain. In tight conditions there is no one as fast as an east coast enduro rider!

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