Team Maico’s the late Gaylon Mosier during practice at 1977 Superbowl of Motocross at L.A. Coliseum. Wheelsmith built some wicked Maico’s and this machine has one of the up pipes (they came with down pipes) a more rigid and lighter swingarm and remote reservoir shocks. Mark Kiel snapped the pic and we love Waylon Gaylon’s outfit! Hallman boots and leathers, Electro helmet, Scotts and a Jofa. Come on, it doesn’t get any better.


Last week we lost one of Dirt Bike’s top test riders from the 80’s Steve Schmitz. Steven was a gifted racer and grew up battling in the Erik Kehoe, Kyle Lewis and Jimmy Holley in the late 70’s and early 80’s mini bike era. In the mid 80’s he was our top photo model and pretty much invented the ‘foot plant 180’.  He was greatly loved for his wild side humor and willingness to perform acts on ‘any’ machine that flat floored us. Rest in peace my friend and do a brody for us!

This was a patented Steve Schmitz move, albeit on a 285 pound Honda XR350 circa 1986 (me thinks!) Fran Kuhn was on staff with us at DB and his photographic skills were legendary. He snapped the action!


Another Fran Kuhn epic shot of #29, this one was at Pismo beach.


Here’s Steven on an XR250R jumping a huge gorge that horrified everyone on the shoot. He did it probably 50 times for the Leapers camera.


Here’s Mike Webb and Steven playing at Pismo on two Big Wheeled machines, one from Honda and the other from Yamaha. They never really caught on but in the right setting were a full gas.


Pat Carrigan caught this of Steven at Pismo during the 1986 Yamaha YZ125 shoot.




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Watch as Team SRT competes to see who is the Top Dawg on a diverse team of 20 riders from the US and Canada. Team SRT has riders from 7 US States and 2 Canadian Provinces. The Team SRT Challenge is the ultimate in team bonding for such a spread out team. Also, the challenge is a great way to get real action shots in a one location team setting. You can probably feel the heat of the Vegas Desert as you watch us ride! Enjoy the video that was filmed and edited by Wiley Watson of Red Tide Pictures.



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I shot this of brother Mike (Webb) last week out in the high desert. It was a tasty one hundred and five outside, but Mike had a riot tossing around DIck Wilk’s personal Husky 350.




My big buddy Mental captured me jumping this gorge while we were out playing behind Mojave. I believe that’s a KTM360, 1997 and it worked out nicely as my pacifier for a big bore that didn’t have the arm wrenching explosion of the 500cc 2-strokes.

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