THE WEEKLY FEED: A Russian motocross hero, off-road video hysterics and dirt bike social distancing

GLORY DAYS: Guennady Moisseev

Words from Mr. Ribaudo's vast arsenal of unique Moto knowledge
Guennady Moiseev, a 3-time World Champion was the center of controversy after winning the 1974 250 World Championship. The drama revolved around Moiseev’s Russian teammates who had ‘supposedly’ tried to take out Czech rider Jarolsav Falta. Falta won the 250 World Title, but was then disqualified for jumping the start and the 1974 title went to Moiseev. Moiseev’s title was deminished because Falta was popular, and Moiseev was tagged as unpopular because of the Cold War and our relationship with Russia. Moisseev won 14 FIM 250 GPs during his career. Moiseev would go on to to win the 1977 and 1978 250 World Championships after the 1974 crown—and he led the Russian team to the 1978 Motocross des Nations victory in Sweden (with teammates Viktor Kavinov, Yuri Khudiakov and Valeriy Korneev). The fortunes of Gunnady and KTM were linked. The Russians switched from CZ and were looking to make that move look good. KTM needed a championship to give the brand the credibility they desperately needed to sell bikes. Their fates were intertwined. Mossiev was just the toughest competitor to achieve both goals. Guennady Moiseev passed away at the age of 69 on Sunday, July 24, 2017







Tony Berluti cuts to the chase!


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The last two weeks have been interesting here as snow painted our riding area one week, the next week it turned almost summer. We’ve been testing mods on a new KTM 500XCF-W, we’re doing a big tire test featuring Gummies and naturally, we’re on the constant call to ditch and get out of town. Things seem to be letting up, but off-roaders are not space invaders and social distancing is quite natural.

Tip Webb looking at Mike Webb who struck his RMZ into a snow bank after a painfully anemic attempt. I heard Tip giggling!
My buddy Donn Maeda ventured out and slogged his way up the mountain on his HQV.
Week two, BP and Hapa took us up the 3 (female dogs and rhythms with witches) where it took us an hour and half to go about a mile. There is no doubt in my mind that Kyle Redmond and his crew would have danced in the brutal zone like it was Disneyland.
Some fun you bet!
Brother Tip Erzberging his Chilean up a verdant pasture.
The Wolf dropping down a nice loamy zone on his 300.
Tip- pointed at the hills!
Tip roosting heavily on the monster climbs.
We found a Husaberg husk that appeared to have caught fire. Bummer.


It’s tire testing time- amongst the contestants are the Motoz, Sinko Cheater, IRC M5B and a Golden Tyre.
John Lovett tearing it up on the KTM 500XCF-W.
Our main goal with the 500 was searching for a bit more muscle. We tested an FMF Q, FMF 4.1 and a Vortex ECU and came away hooting at the moon.


This is a nice series of shots showing Mr. Lovett, normally a very steady and smooth pilot; using a new technique.
Mat it, and then awkwardly show off for Wolf’s Nikon.


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Out in the desert testing a KX500, maybe 1991. I loved this bike, not so much for off-road, but overall it made easy to ride power, lots of it and was a calm machine. Like all 500 2-strokes it was a shaker, but when you’re young those are small worts on a big plate of yahoo.

Over and out. I hope we passed the audition!

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