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The best Supercross racer to ever grace the planet, Jeremy McGrath hit the scene in 1990  finishing second  at the Seattle Supercross.  For the next 13 years he squeaked out two 125 Supercross titles,  seven AMA Supercross titles, and the 1995 250 National Championship. His dominance began to fade in the 2001 season where he won 2 of the first 3 main events. But then Ricky Carmichael’s brilliance exploded and he won every race from there on out and dethroned McGrath as Supercross champion.  Jeremy  returned in 2003 signing a 4-year deal with KTM to race both Supercross and FIM World Supercross. The effort fizzled when he had trouble getting that ‘dead’ rear end feel that he demanded, and much of the blame went to the KTM’s  linkless rear suspension design. Jeremy crashed hard while practicing and ended up retiring.  This shot is from the 2002 Day in the Dirt, an event that still rates high on McGrath calendar.





The National Outdoor Motocross series kicks off in a little over five weeks!!! Last year Ken Roczen was exquisite, we’ll miss him as he’s still overcoming a double handful of surgeries. Eli will be tough and comfortable since he just resigned with Kawa for a new multi-year deal.


No, you won’t be seeing this guy unless you’re teeing it up at Bay Hill’s golf course.


Superb first turn magic at Red Bud. The speed at the outdoor events will make your blood boil.




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RXR Protect Bullet Inflatable Chest Protector

RXR Protect is taking action sports body protection to the next level with the inflatable Bullet Chest Protector. Taking the form of a traditional upper body protector, RXR’s design features a combination of inflatable air chambers, EVA foam, and a soft plastic outer shell to provide optimum levels of safety and comfort while protecting riders in all situations. The revolutionary Patent Pending Air Shock Absorber (ASA) Technology is changing the way riders and racers use safety equipment as it provides a cushion of air against roost and impacts. Paired with a new line of pre-designed and customizable graphics, the Bullet forges it’s way through the the competition with class leading strength and trend setting style. Price: $195.00


Get ultimate protection from rocks, logs, tree stumps and other trail trash. This is a must have item for all types of riding, from casual trail riding to crazy extreme enduros. The swing arm guards will work with the stock KTM guide, the KTM hard parts guide, BRP guide and the TM Designs guide. It’s a bit tougher  than some accessories ton to install because you are required to drill and tap two holes in your swing arm. The drill and the tap are provided. They will install for free if you are in the area. Price: $75.00

Acerbis X-Ultimate Handguards

When it comes to handguards there are plenty of options available. Full wrap-around style bark busters have always been the number one choice for woods riders, but recently there have been more and more off-road riders and racers switching to MX style handguards. Many racers prefer them because they flex when they clip trees, whereas full bark busters will turn the bars or bounce the bike and the rider off course. The MX style guards still provide protection from rocks, mud and small trees while giving that flexibility that riders prefer. The X-Ultimate guards are Acerbis’ newest MX style hand guard and have improved on their already great guards. Price $39.95


Mikuni TMX Series Performance Carburetors

The innovative Mikuni TMX Series Performance Carburetor features a flat slide throttle design operating in a smooth bore venturi to provide a wider overall powerband, increased peak power, and quicker throttle response. The fuel bowl float system features independently moving twin floats, working with a main jet enclosed in a baffle chamber, allowing the TMX to perform smoothly on the roughest terrain without hesitation. TMX Series Carburetors are available in 35mm bore size for 125cc race engines, and in 38mm bore size for use on 250cc and larger engines.






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Back in 1981 Paul Clipper organized a ride on a Factory Honda Short Tracker. I’m pretty sure it was Mickey Fay’s machine and Honda’s John Roe brought it out to Indian Dunes (which had two motocross tracks and a short track). I felt miserable on the machine, which was horrendously small and uncomfortable. I was told it was fast and handled like a star, but this was the only shot Paul got of me where I got remotely sideways. John Roe on the other hand was brilliant clearly having a skidding background.

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