Jonny Weisman has done it again! Just when we thought we had seen it all Weisman shows up with with a machine that blows our mind. His latest creation for longtime customer Scott Whittington is an early ‘2000s KTM 380cc engine put into a highly customized 2023 Gas Gas 450 chassis. Since the last bike Weisman built us was blacked-out and called the “Dark Knight” we decided to call this one the “White Knight”.

The color scheme might not be for everyone but you have to admire the execution and dedication to making the idea a reality. It’s amazing to us how he kept everything so clean, five minutes after it was in our possession there was dirt stains everywhere.

The 380cc KTM engine features 2001 cases, 1998 internals, 1998 cylinder and is bolted together using a Nikel Wurks bolt kit from Specbolt.

Weisman used Motomaster MXC billet calipers , brake rotors and steel braided lines on both ends of the “White Knight” build. Stopping is not a problem!

The P3 Carbon skid plate not only looks cool but provides a ton of protection.

Looks like Rocket Exhaust has entered the two-stroke exhaust market. This might be a one-off custom silencer for this build but it shows they can do it and the carbon fiber Racer Series design complements the build perfectly.

The white details on the engine had us not wanting to get the bike dirty, we got over that pretty quick but there was a few seconds that we thought about not riding the bike at all.

More attention to detail, the swingarm coated white makes the red accent parts from TM Designworks, Motomaster and Dubya USA really pop out.

This is just the start of coverage on the our “White Knight” project, look for a Travis Fant produced video on our YouTube Channel very soon and a complete story in an upcoming printed issue of Dirt Bike Magazine.

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