This makes three for FMF Am-Pro’s Paul Whibley, once again Paul reigns OMA Nationals Champion. It wasn’t a ten for ten wins this year, but seven for ten is not too shabby. The Moose Racing’s Moose Run would be a dry, dusty, and log heaven for the competitors this year. Rider’s came out of the wood work and take the opportunity of what was thought to be an “easier” Moose Run with such dry conditions. Most forgetting the fact OMA promoter, Bill Gusse, aims the trail towards to as many logs as he can navigate to, and rarely cuts out face slappers. In his defense, time is of the essence when organizing a 40+ mile loop through 30+ land owners.

The Moose Run rarely won in the first loop, the riders will set a pace and ride together. Husaberg’s Nick Fahringer was having no part of that, Whibley would state “Nick got out front and set a really fast pace and was blazing trails with a lot of confidence.”  The previous Friday, Fahringer suffered what was thought to be just a broken nose, but would later after the Moose run be examined by a doctor with fractured face bones, from connecting his face with his handle bars motoing.  Fahringer led most of the second half of the woods section on the first lap, before Whibley would pull away after reaching the pits for fuel.

Kawasaki Geico’s Jimmy Jarrett’s day did not go as planned, along with fellow teammate Scott Watkins. “We were hauling across one of those fields and kind of looking for arrows and didn’t know which way to go. He saw the arrows before I did and made a hard left and I went straight through him. I couldn’t even get stopped. He went down pretty hard and I went back and asked if he was alright and he wasn’t talking. We just kind of stayed there with him until a couple course marshals found us. . There was nothing I could do then. They had him, so I took off. That put me down, but he’s my buddy. I caught Nick before the end of the first lap and then Paul had about a minute on me. Once Paul gets that little gap it seems like it’s hard to close. I tried, and once I realized I wasn’t going to catch him I just kind of got in a good, comfortable pace and just finished the day in one piece anyway. I’m happy with today.”

Watkins would suffer a severe broken collar bone; the latest update OMA was contacted with, was that Scott would have surgery and recovery fully. Everyone wishes him a speedy recovery. Scott has taken 2nd overall in the Series points.

After tying up in the points Jarrett and Fahringer’s final overall positions a total of 163 would be decided by the Moose Run, the OMA tie breaker, and Jarrett prevailed over Fahringer. When informed of this, Fahringer replied with “If I would have known That, I would have dug a little deeper.” However this was a circumstance that would have been difficult to predict.

The Series Top 10

1st – Paul Whibley

2nd – Scott Watkins

3rd – Thad Duvall

4th – Jimmy Jarrett

5th – Nick Fahringer

6th – Jordan Ashburn

7th – Adam Bonneur

8th – Shane Klimek

9th – Jeremy Smith

10th – Cooper Bailey


JJ, Whibs and Fahringer on the podium at the Moose Run. Hey, where’s Monty?



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