Our initial test on a modified big-bore KXF250 was the first track time on the RPMs Ice Cube. And while it made bigger bottom power and packed a substantial mid surge, it was quite honestly harder to start and lacked friendliness. Our buddy Rex Halepeksa called us saying that we ?had to? ride his KXF. It featured a newer version of the Ice Cube 276 kit, Novation Suspension?s latest suspension technology plus a host of goodies that helped tune the Kawa four-stroke into a Vet rider?s ultimate cheater bike.

There?s no doubt that the stock KXF suspension is adequate, absorbing trackside litter with a decent appetite. But it tends towards harshness when pushed, and then lacks the overall ability to make it plush and stiff enough in the same sentence. Novation (NOST, or Novation Off-road Suspension Technologies) suspension works at welding the two worlds of plush and stiff enough together in its SS valve for the fork and the all-new triple adjuster shock valve system. The Novation shim design for the fork produces and controls both low and mid-speed and is actually able to blow off under high-speed square edge hits. The goal with the mid-valve and base valve is to give it control and increased adjustability. With the shock, Novation fit its new APDS, triple adjuster system. With it you can adjust low speed for really slow damping; the mid-speed adjuster holds the shock up in jump faces and deep whoops or G- outs. The High-speed adjuster is a separate circuit that has superior bottoming control with no added spike.

On the track you feel an immediate difference in the suspension?s ability to react. It feels plush enough, not wallowy or spongy, but sucks on the stutters and square edged hack like it?s an appetizer. Both ends are happy the harder you push them, though in reality the plush factor rates high with us. To be honest we didn?t monk with the adjusters that much, feeling that they pretty much nailed the damping and spring rates.

The KXF motor received an RPM 276cc Ice Cube kit, which ups the bore to 81mm (or 276cc). It adds mass to the cylinder, plus improves cooling via increased capacity. The kit comes with two 81mm Wiseco pistons and two gasket kits. Carburetion stays stock, though jetting is slightly modified to work with the new cylinder arrangement. A full titanium Leo Vince X3 exhaust system compliments the motor package.

What a difference a few cc makes! The RPM Ice Cube engine kit gives the KXF newfound bottom power, enhances the mid-range and only the top end appeal retains a ?standard-issue, type feel. The Leo Vince exhaust complements the engine, the roar is subtle, the power smooth. Overall this is the full cheater bike (or better yet a great Vet wagon) with superior bottom to mid power, which allows for easy short shifting and a laissez faire attitude when jumping. With substantially more low (see roll-on), the RPM motor pulls harder, earlier and conquers tricky MX tracks with style. She starts as easy as stock and we never had an issue with the power, or lack of it.

Rex equipped the KXF with FBN Triple clamps, with a standard offset. The clamp features enhanced ergonomic fitment, plus adds a cool factor. Handlebars were Renthal Fat Bars, CR-Hi, along with Renthal half waffle grips, sprockets and chain. Braking Wave rotors were installed fore and aft, and a Dirt Tricks water pump cover made for real world oil changes. Stomp body grip, nubbed leg traction device was stuck to the frame for increased leg bite and Sik Industries powder coated the hubs and provided the rims.

This is a great Vet mxer, or a stunning cheater bike. With far-reaching gains in both suspension compliance and the ability to gargle with brutal circuits mated to a motor that chugs, snarls and barks out of the corners, you have a machine with an appetite for moto. And the great news is that you leave the table with a smile on your face.

Nost Pro Suspension package $600
NOST SS Fork Valves $279.95
RPMS Ice Cube 276 Kit includes cylinder,
2 pistons, 2 base gaskets,
2 O/rings $1220.00    
Braking front wave rotor $129.95
Rear wave $129.95
Renthal Fat Bars $79.95
R1 Chain $81.95
Rear black sprocket $64.95
C/S pro $32.95
Leo Vince X3 Ti Factory
Race System $864.95    
Stomp body grip kit $31.95
Dirt Tricks water pump cover $119.95
FBN Triple Clamps $349.95
Sik Industries Powder coating
hubs $125 per pair
Rims $125 per pair any color
All Parts distributed by Western Power Sports (800) 999-3388 call for a dealer near you. (509) 879-3751
Leo Vince (888) 610-4242;
Dirt Tricks (775) 782-2014;
FBN (408) 938-8685;
Sik Industries (408) 496-6363.


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