The Men In Orange| Canard/Musquin KTM 450SXFs

All photos supplied by Brain Converse ( @motoonemx)


Renthal Bars, Nekken triple clamps, Brembo brakes, steel braided lines and a titanium bolt kit are just some of the goodies on Trey Canard’s KTM.


Check out the foot pegs on Trey’s bike. Slightly elevated platform and extremely sharp.


KITE supplies the hubs on both Marvin and Trey’s bikes. Notice the works brake caliper, works axel blocks, and trick looking rotor.


All the motors are done in house by KTM at their shop in Murrietta, California. Carbon skid plate, Akrapovic exhaust, Nihilo grip tape, and different head stays to change flex characteristics on the KTM 450SXF. Notice the polished brake pedal adds a nice look to the final product.


Trey runs a fairly neutral set up on handlebars. He does prefer a lower bar and rolled closer to him than Marvin does. All the factory riders at KTM get a custom gas cap with their name engraved on them.


A complete view of Musquin’s 450SXF with RD5’s in the near background.


WP Cone Valve 52s are installed on the Factory KTMs. You’ll also notice that Marvin runs a taller bar bend than his team mate Trey Canard.


Gearing changes as the riders go from race to race. Notice where the axel blocks sit. Riders and mechanics will change this position to either shorten the bike up or lengthen it a little for stability depending on the style of track.


You’ll notice the head stays on Marvin’s bike are carbon. Similar to what the TLD runs. Trey is not running carbon and a part like that would be decided on a specific feel the athlete is looking for. Carbon skid plate, titanium bolt kid, Nihilo grip tape, and a polished rear brake pedal are similar to the other teammate’s bikes.

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