If you’ve got a new Honda CRF450R, down load this new map and have your Honda dealer (unless you own the Honda Software) load it into your machine. We’ve been testing it for over a month and have found that it really helps make the initial power more controllable. The actual map came from Honda’s Ray Conway and we’ve loaded into three machines (one of them well modified) and it improves rideability by actually delaying or softening the intitial flow of fuel. This gives it a hit of sorts, helps cornering and makes the machine feel more lively.


This is the software package/tool available from Honda that will allow you to modify the mapping on your CRF450.

This is receptacle on the CRF. This is where you plug in to download the new mapping.

Tom Webb is plugged into a PC with the software, the main board which hooks to a battery which is needed to get the fuel pump turning and is loading the new map into the CRF. Once you do it a few times it takes just a few minutes.

This is what the stock map looks like- it’s all 0%

This is the modded mapping. Notice the percentage changes.

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