The Garrahan Report

Now that I’m back east, I’m getting used to the different elements: Tight trees , mud holes, roots and rocks. In the west, we have these objects too but they are not as confined in one small area. You have time between obstacles, but back here, everything is in your face constantly. It takes a lot of work and concentration.
     I headed to Loretta’s for my first Gncc of the year. Unfortunately I was a little unprepared. I broke a bone in my foot a week before the event and could not train or ride. I went out to have a good time and meet up with some of my buddys I don’t get to see to often. Wattsy was there, Kanney, and Mclevy, whom I hadn’t seen since ’05. I was out all of ’06 with a broken leg and Mclevy didn’t race last season.
     The course was rough. There were huge braking bumps going down the hills and the place gets rockier every year. Wattsy was leading the race when he decided he rather be riding with his good bud instead of winning another Gncc. It’s funny Shane doesn’t even race any more and he is still the fan favorite. He won’t even be at a race and they still want him to win. The whole lap I rode with him flashes were going off.  My result was less than stellar and I ended up fourteenth.
     After Loretta’s I was to have a home race in Kentucky for an OMA. I love saying that. For this event I was going to try something new since OMA’s are so tight I figure the four five O was a little bit to much bike. Time to break out the karate kid. A two fifty F tuned by ( Al Pose) would do the trick in the tight muddy woods. Since we get a pro practice the day before I was pretty confident in my bike choice.
     My start on the little bike was superb and I entered the woods second behind Mullins. I was taking way better lines than Mullins so he let me by. We ran a really good pace and pulled away the first lap. I came ripping through the pits in the lead on lap one. My pit board read ‘ride smart’ and right at that time, I grabbed a handful and spun a huge donut. Mullins passed me on lap two and I ran there until the last lap when another ‘yellow hornet’ (Whibley) ran me down and pulled away almost catching Mullins. Third place was good and I was really happy with the performance of the bike. 
     Rio Grande, Ohio would be the next round of the OMA’s. Nate ‘send it’ Kanney was to show up to this one and mix it up with the ‘yellow hornets’ with me. Nate has a factory KTM ride this year and is really riding well. He really is motivated this year and you can tell by his results. The conditions were going to be perfect for this race. It has a good mix of fast fields and some tight woods. I chose to ride the four-five-0. With there being some fast long fields, I would hate to give up that speed by riding the ‘karate kid’. I hate the dirt in Ohio but this track got better as the race went on. Best I’ve ever seen the dirt in Ohio.
     Boom! The bikes fired and were off..well, everyone but me. My mechanic counted fifteen kicks before the big girl fired up. I worked my way up to eigth by the first lap. Mullins crashed on the first lap and I caught him and rode with him into the top five by the gas stop. By race end, I managed to work up to fourth, behind Whibley for the win, Jarret and Kanney.
     Sparta Gncc just down yonder. It is actually held at the Kentucky Speedway. Another local one for me. Kanney and Knighter wanted to do some riding and testing near the track. I hooked them up with a nice little place I go called Bucks Run. It has a two and a half minute moto track and plenty of quad trail to go around. You want hard pack, I’ll show you hard pack!!
     My mechanic, Britt, took the truck down the night before to get a good spot in the pits. Big John always hooks me up with a killer spot. I got to stay home and sleep in my own bed and relax and spend the night with the family. Britt called me in the morning and told me he was going to race the morning race and needed gas. No problem. The race starts at ten. It takes me a half hour to get there. I’d be there around eleven on the side of the track.
     The track was really good, I thought, for a Gncc. It had some really good off cambers, lots of rocks and roots. It also had quite a few little rythms sections you could jump through. I got off to a good start and rounded the first lap ninth. I stayed there until the last lap when Garret Edmiston caught me. I was pretty tired at this point and could not hold him off. I ended up finishing tenth. I was pretty disappointed that I got tired, because I definitely don’t slack off during the week. I think I’m going to have to change up my routine a little bit.
     Well I’m off on a road trip. I’ve got a OMA in Iowa, then off to Utah for a harescramble. Look for some race wins coming soon.
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