You have five minutes before your first moto. As you put on your helmet, you look down and see your whole moto in ruin: there?s fork oil dripping down one of your lower tubes. Worse yet, it?s drooling down on to your front brake. Not only will you have no front suspension, you?ll have no brakes.
But you might be okay if you have a can of contact cleaner and a strip of old film. Here?s what you do.?

Step 1: Use a tiny screwdriver to peel back the dust seal. This will probably be easy because everything will be nicely lubed up.

Step 2: Now clean the heck out of everything in sight. Use contact cleaner to get every last piece of grit out of the picture. Modern fork seals are pretty good. If you?re lucky, the only reason for the leak is a little piece of grit in the wrong place.

Step 3: Keep on cleaning. Use a little toothbrush to scrub the face of the seal. Hint: use someone else?s toothbrush.

Step 4: Now that you?ve removed every little bit of dirt from the outside of the seal, it?s time to get that one little piece of grit that?s doing the real damage. Use an old strip of film (we used one from Rondo?s third wedding), dip it in fork oil and carefully slide it between the tube and the seal. Very gently run it all the way around the seal as you pull it out. If you aren?t careful, you can to more damage than good. But what the heck, if it still leaks afterward, you probably needed new seals anyway. Now go ride.


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