See the Monster Energy Cup through the eye’s of our very own man in the trenches of Supercross Travis Fant. The “Fant Files” gives you an unedited look at what Travis encounters on his journeys. 

db1Jarryd Mcneil getting in practice before the Best Whip competition where there is $100,000 on the line ! 

db2 The Monster Million. If someone can win all 3 Main Events tomorrow night they are going home with glass case full of cash.db3 Chad Reed was all smiles at the Press Conference this afternoon in Vegas.db4Eli Tomac discussing the possible format changes to Supercross in 2017.db5 Ken Roczen aboard his all new 2017 CRF 450 featuring an electric start.db6 Chad Reed sizing up jumps this afternoon in Vegas.db7Ken Roczen entering into the rhthym section on the dry Vegas dirt.db8Chad Reed on the gas aboard his Yamaha YZ450F. db9 Cole Seely briefly talked about the intensity at the test track with new team mate Ken Roczen. Can that help him for this weekend’s racing in Vegas?db10 Cole Seely showing off some new sponsors for the first time in Vegas. A new neergy drink hitting the scene . db11Eli Tomac looked fast and focused during press day.db12Chad Reed showing off some retro SHIFT gear he worked on. This is similar to the gear that Jeff Emig wore almost 20 years ago.db13

The big Rhythm section on track features a triple , triple, triple. The faster riders will be doing this during racing.db14 Eli Tomac soaking up speed.db15 Ruts formed early today even with dry and windy conditions on the track.db16 Cole Seely getting roosted by new team mate Ken Roczen before the first triple in.db17 Ken Roczen will run the #1 plate this weekend after the 2015 MEC Victory.db18 A Close up of Ken Roczen’s custom Fox gear that will be available to the public soon.db19 Ken Roczen seat bouncing his way into the big triple section.db20Cole Seely was fast on track today not wasting any time to hit the bigger sections of the track. db21 Chad Reed commented on making some changes to the bike for the better that will hopefully propel him to the front of the pack tomorrow night.db22Eli Tomac barreling around the base of the start straight. This section of the track will be extremely slick tomorrow night and the best throttle control will get riders the most traction into the rhythm. db23 Chad Reed did more practice starts than some of his younger competition. The start features metal and grip taped wood for about 40 feet down . db24All the riders doing practice starts at the end of the day. These guys weren’t scared to do a little bumping down the fast hill. db25 Chad Reed never tripled out of this section but if he does it could be huge. Look for Chad possibly to pull out this trick later in the night program to gain some time. db26Ken Roczen sliding the back wheel around on his Honda CRF450. 

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