Rich Caselli, father of racer Kurt Caselli and one of the key movers and shakers in the USA’s re-emergence in the ISDE world is sending in reports from the ISDE, held in Chile. Some are random, other cryptic but overall they fun and give us an inside view of the world stage in the Olympics of off-road dirt bike racing.

Nov. 5th= After the WORCS race yesterday and staying up late to pack we headed to Chile. It was pretty uneventful (boring).    

 Nov.6th= Got to La Serena, kinda like an upscale Mexico or North Hollywood. Had to change hotels- they look much better online then in person!

Nov.7th= went to Parc Ferme to check on the bikes and the container. The Parc Ferme is at a golf resort Webb would love it! Kurt and Russell Bobbitt walked tests for day 1&2 they seem to like them said they look good, pretty much sandy and desert like conditions I think the west coast guys feel at home. Big turnout of S/A riders .Had the big team meeting tonight with all the riders and the first timers got the lecture from Bruce Wakely and Gunny. Bo Bobbitt left his lights on for the second time so far and has another dead battery so we’ll jump it tomorrow. Russ and Bo, Kurt and I are staying together in a bungalow on the beach and Bo snores louder then a cruse ship coming into port.

Nov8th= Got Bobbitt’s car started, then went out to the test track to dial in Kurt’s 300. The Kirkpatrick’s from Texas called this morning as they just arrived. I guess there was plane problem flying in from Dallas so they should be here this afternoon; Cole is on the Junior team and should be a top Jr. guy with the rest of the team. I told the Canadians that I was going to start a rumor about them coming here to kick everybody’s butts so all the teams would be mad at them. So far the American club teams are getting set up and not having any major problems, the American woman’s team looks good on the practice track actually better then some of the guys!  Kurt, Bobbitt and Jarrett are set and ready to go except for graphics and tires. We impound tomorrow, then have two days to walk tests and for the chase crews to figure out who can cover which riders at the time controls. Fast guys today at the practice track looked to me like Yuha, Kurt, Marko Tarkala, Fabian Planet but that is just practice and not everybody is out there.    

Nov.9th- Impound today and as far as I know everybody got in on time. There were a few bonehead moves but they got handled. The tech guys weren’t letting anybody with LED headlights pass and the sound check guys were pretty easy. The way they have the Parc Ferme set up is jacked up you have to go all the way around and back to impound which is normal but the pits are so long that the riders are going to lose about two minutes to do this which is a lot when you only have 15 min. work on your bike and have to change two tires. But everybody has the same problem and seems the best bet is to do most of your service at the last time control then all you need to do is change tires. Kurt was named AMA sportsman of the year tonight at the team meeting by Chuck Weir from the AMA it was a total surprise to him and a great honor to have an off-road guy given the award for his ISDE efforts. Hopefully it will let people see what a big event this is to the rest of the world. Franco Acerbis got in today- talked to him briefly he’s glad we made it here super guy and a real enthusiast.

Nov.-10, Opening ceremonies tonight and one of the best one of the best that I can remember. We had to give back the Jr. World trophy, for a while anyway. Drove to all the day 1&2 T/C and tests today everything is on the south of town, it is all desert if Kawasaki would have let there riders come instead of Enduro X I think we would be a threat to win the World Trophy, Kato and Bonnello got here.

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