WORCS Rd#6- Toutle, WA
Photos by Joe Colombero
 “Makes it two in a row for WORCS”
Toutle, Wa- 6/13/09:  Bobby Bonds made the stop in Toutle, Wa this past weekend and put a stamp on the first half of the 2009 WORCS series by winning his second race in a row and quite possibly the biggest comeback in WORCS history.  Bonds who had  mediocre start, came off the gate around 4th or 5th.  By lap 2 he had fallen twice or more and at one point was around 20th position. By the final lap he found himself ahead of Mike Brown and taking the win as the checkers flew in Toutle.

“I don’t even know what to say right now.  This has to be one of my best Pro finishes ever, even up there with Taft last year.  I was just begging for a top 5 and to finish on top is unreal.  I clipped a tree out in the woods and broke my foot after the halfway mark. I was in so much pain it wasn’t even funny. Then I pitted around 6th or 7th and thought about pulling off a couple of times, but thats just not me.  Then around 4 laps to go, I just hit my zone and was picking people off.  Before I knew it, I had Brown in view and thought, wow I may just may win this thing.  Then I put my head down and motored.  I came up on Mike and I really couldn’t tell you what happened, we were battling and then before I realized it, I came out of the trees ahead of him and was looking for the checkers.  I couldn’t even walk afterwards and had help getting up to the podium.  I just want to thank all my sponsors, team, my wife and baby Race.  The fans were great today and they were cheering me on. My mechanic Johnny had the stock Yamaha prepped as best as he could today. I’m not gonna lie, we missed the set-up and to finish on top is amazing. I’m now looking to go back to Washington in August.  I feel good here, I do good here and I want to get another win before heading south for the final two rounds” Bobby Bonds
Bonds now sits 1 point out of the lead behind Factory KTM/Muscle Milk’s Mike Brown.  The WORCS series will take off for Summer break and return to Washington in August for “WORCS Week” at Rounds #7 & 8.

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