This last weekend we dove a little deeper into our ongoing field testing of products and mods for the KTM 300 XCW TPI and the GasGas EC300. We spent time with Shane Nalley, a former factory MX mechanic for Team Kawasaki and Team Suzuki and his personal KTM 300 and tested some 707 suspension modifications on our GasGas EC300. Also, we bolted on a couple of additions to our Husqvarna TE 300i all in the quest to elevate the game on our favorite off-road machines.

Shane Nalley’s KTM 300 XCW exudes his factory touch. The Erzberg model retains the stock suspension, though Shane does push the fork down level with the top clamp. His main modifications come in refining the performance plus giving it some armor.


Shane worked with AOMC and Slavens Racing to purchase and dial in both the GET ECU and the GET Injector relocation system. His goal was to improve the mid-range power, where he felt it lagged. He uses a Bullet Proof Designs TPS guard and a KTM Power Parts Clutch Slave protector. We’ll have more on the installation and setup of the GET system in the near future.


The Nalley mobile is fit with the super sano (and heavily priced) Akrapovic titanium muffler (AOMC). It’s a straight through system (no Spark Arrestor), is fairly light and does a tidy job of managing the noise output.


Ryan Koch hopped on the Nalley 300 and felt good response down low, but was enthused by the broad and meaty mid-range power gain. You can see the P3 pipe guard, AXP skid-plate and rear disc guard from KTM Power Parts.


The combination of GET ECU (mapped by Slavens Racing) and the Akrapovic muffler made for big power gains and the ability to shift shift and carry a high gear. For the west coast off-roaders they are helped on the trail with the ability to climb bigger hills, maintain good trail pace in a higher gear which helps to relax the suspension.


Here’s Shane on his 300. Is he pumped with the amount of cake he’s thrown into making his KTM stronger? He calls them game changers!



Our GasGas EC300 was fit with 707 suspension mods fore and aft, a full TM Designs skidplate and rear chain guide, plus hand guards and a spark arrestor end cap from Fastway.


The TM Designs Extreme full coverage skidplate is super thick, lightweight and protects the rear linkage superbly! We can tell this, it’s not that fun to install!



707 suspension valved the fork to resist diving and be plusher in cobby terrain. It felt soft just bouncing on it, but was pure magic in the rocks. Bullet Proof Designs aluminum radiator guards bolted up nicely for enhanced protection and still flow air quite well.


707 valved the WP shock so that tracking was improved, as was its ability to chew on mid-range hack. They installed their adjustment collar adjuster, which is a big improvement over the stock plastic unit.


The Fastway spark arrestor bolts onto the stock muffler and is forest legal. It has a removable screen that can be easily serviced.


We installed Bullet Proof Designs rear caliper guard and disc guard. The are strong, beefy pieces.


In the nasty stuff, the 707 suspended GasGas proved its worth, being super plush with the ability to chew rocky terrain with a serious appetite. The GasGas does not come with hand shields, Acerbis units were fit for our western terrain. Ryan Koch loved it in the hacky garbage, but felt like he’d need it stiffer for higher speed terrain.


Tom Webb’s HQV300 was fit with an FMF Power Core 2.1 Extreme Muffler. The super long titanium unit softens the DB factor and enhances the smoothness of the powerband.


Out back TWebb fit on a SRT Racing Pro-Armor rear disc guard. It’s sano, tough and offers excellent protection for the rear disc rotor.


The Wolf had nothing good to say about the stock HQV300 front brake. The Braktec unit lacks feel, progression and power. He fit up a Brembo unit and this immediately fixed his sniveling.

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