Just to be clear, the 12 Hours of Glen Helen has little to do with fun. Doing anything for 12 hours is painful. If you just smiled for a half a day, your face would lock up and fall off. But that?s what makes it so good. Between the challenge of a constantly deteriorating course, the unfolding drama of a long race, and the strategy of working with a team, there?s nothing like off-road endurance racing.

At DB we?ve hitched our wagon to the Glen Helen Endurance series in a big way. We use the races for testing bikes and thrashing ourselves. We even design the race tracks for all three events, the Six-Hour, the 12-Hour and the 24-Hour.

And it?s not like the track starts off that ugly. This year we put together a course that incorporated the two Glen Helen motocross tracks, a few serious uphills and downhills, a rocky sand wash, some paved sections of the Hyundai Pavilion and a ridge that overlooked the Cajon Pass. It was eight miles that included a little of everything. The ugliness happens as the course gets rougher and dustier, just as muscles get weaker and brains turn to water.

Todd Gosselaar (also known as the next Gosselaar) put together a team with Dennis Stapleton and Derik Mohoney to get revenge on the Six-Hour-winning trio of Mark Tilley, Mike Childress and Sean Collier. Altogether there were four teams that matched each other, lap for lap. All of them considered the 12-hour just a warm-up for the 24 Hours of Glen Helen, a race that fits about four times as much pain and suffering in only twice the time.


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