We just got information that Rockstar Energy Husqvarna factory off-road racer Thad Duvall suffered a season ending injury while practicing earlier this week. Duvall has a fracture in his leg along with a torn MCL and ACL. He will miss the remainder of the 2019 season but says he will be back strong for 2020. We wish him luck and look forward to seeing him back at the races.

Below is what Duvall released to the public via his social media:

“Im sure by now the rumor has spread like a wild fire.. but unfortunately what you heard is true, Tuesday afternoon I was having such a badass time ripping with the boys when halfway through a moto I had caught my foot in a rut, it hurt like hell but I tried to be tough in front of the boys. Thursday I had found out that I really did a number with a fracture and tearing my mcl an acl. Still weighing my options but it’s only a speed bump an we will be ready for 2020! Sorry to everyone, this one really stings!”

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