Glen Helen was the testing Mecca of the western world on Thursday. We were out testing the two Husky 250s again, doing a little with the motocross version on the National track and a little with the TXC on the 12-hour course. The Suzuki R&D team was out there messing with the fuel injection on the 2010 preproduction models. Some Honda guys were out there from the factory, but they didn’t say much. The MXA guys were testing the Husky and KTM 250s. Even Kory Ellis, manager of the Suzuki ATV team was there. Here are some of the sights.
Pete Murray had to go through this ditch about 50 times. It doesn’t look like Glen Helen, but it is. 
  Michael Leib was out turing some crazy fast lap times. His dad can tell you what they were to the nearest 1/1000th.
 MXA dudes at work.

 This is how old men get hurt.
 Stay there. I have to find my teeth.
 It’ll fit. Just lift the front end.
Don’t leave your fork legs laying around at Glen Helen.

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