The 2018 Kenda Tennessee Knockout attracted some of the top Extreme Enduro Riders from around the world. In the end, America’s Cody Webb won his sixth straight TKO over Germany’s Manuel Lettenbichler and Spain’s Mario Roman. South Africa’s Wade Young finished fourth and Colton Haaker, another American rounded out the top five. 2018 Kenda Tennessee,

Knockout Main Event Results 1. Cody Webb, KTM 2. Manuel Lettenbichler, KTM 3. Mario Roman, Sherco 4. Wade Young, Sherco 5. Colton Haaker, Husqvarna 6. Trystan Hart, Husqvarna 7. Lars Enockl, GasGas 8. Jordan Ashburn, Beta 9. Ben Kelley, KTM 10. Chris Satterfield, KTM 11. Benjamin Herrera Ried, Beta 12. Casey Satterfield, Husqvarna 13. Quinn Wentzel, Husqvarna 14. Grayson Gonsalves, Husqvarna 15. Chuck DeLullo, Husqvarna

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