In case you haven’t heard, Technology Elevated has been making some bold claims about their SmartCarbs. We spent some time with the crew of this family-owned business, and this is what they had to say. One thing is for sure—these aren’t your grandpa’s carburetors.

36, 38 & 40MM SC2 SMARTCARBS:
Redefining carburetion for the 21st century, the SC2 offers fuel-injection performance and extremely easy tuning for any modern carbureted 2-stroke dirt bike. Precision-machined here in the USA from high-grade billet aluminum, the SC2 provides extremely fine fuel atomization to deliver more power more linearly, and up to 30-percent-greater fuel-economy gains over a well-tuned stock Keihin or Mikuni. No jets, complete elevation and temperature compensation, sealed-system internal venting, tool-free trail-side adjustability, and available TPS options make for the ultimate fuel-system upgrade for your ride.
Price: $699 and up.

26 & 28MM SC2 SMARTCARBS: Not just for the big bikes, SC2s are available in 26 and 28mm sizes for 65, 85 and 105cc mini and supermini two-strokes, and offer the exact same performance gains and ease of use as their larger counterparts. All SC2s accept stock throttle cables and directly replace stock Keihin and Mikuni carbs, size for size. No jets, no tools, no problems.
Price: $549 and up.

Stock or modified, enduro or motocross, Supermoto or snow bike, 65cc or 500cc—we’ve got you covered with alternative metering rods, carb-heating solutions, fuel filters, ring/bell/velocity-stack adapters, throttle-position sensors (TPS) and, coming soon, different-color-anodized float bowls to match your style!
Price: Contact for pricing

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