Tecate Hare Scramble

Tecate Hare Scramble

Tecate, Mexico

Dec. 10, 2006


It?s been years since I?ve raced down in Mexico, so I was excited to head down there. Jonny and I came down early (Tuesday) for the Motonation ride put on by Bill Berroth and friends. The ride started just outside of Tecate and took us South, where we would be staying a few days by the ocean (about 35 riders). The riding was awesome, but a little bit on the dusty side. On Thursday we had a “free” day and I chose to go golfing at Baja Mar, right on the ocean. I?ve golfed here before, and it?s one of those things I wanted to do again. You?re right next to the water and it?s unbelievable. Every night we would all go out to a restaurant and have some great food with a few drinks (and other events). Friday caught up to us to quick and we were back riding towards Tecate again. We got back just before the sun went down and then drove over to the race. Saturday we spent some time doing some more play riding and just hanging out with friends.

Race Day:

After another cold night in the hotel room, it was time to get ready to race.

It had rained all night and it was a great sound to wake up to after it?s been so dusty here. This place has to be the best place to ride after it rains. Around 12:00 it was time to get to the start for our 3-hour race. I really wasn?t looking forward to racing for three hours though, but the awesome weather was going to make it a lot better. After the dead engine start I was able to get into the lead before the first corner. The course was 13 miles and it was really technical with a lot of new virgin trails they added for our race. Almost 40 minutes later, I came around for my first lap with a little over 20 seconds on Justin Morrow, who was riding really well. The next lap I hit a big tree and got stuck in it, with the branches in my rear brake pedal. It took me a little bit to get it out! By then Justin was right on me, but he had the same thing happen. We were both able to get going together and had fun racing with each other. After lap two Jonny gave me some gas and I was off again with about a 35-second lead. This lap I really started to turn it up and see if I could pull away, before it was to late. The next couple of laps went really well, and I was having a lot of fun. With one lap to go I had about a 4-minute lead, but was starting to get a little tired. On the last lap I still tried to push myself and was doing good, until I lost my front end and took some branches to my face. I got up pretty quick and made it to the finish just a little over the three-hour mark. I think I won with about a 5-minute lead. This was one of my favorite races of the year, with the rain and everything. The course was awesome and they put on a top-notch race. It was really a great day, besides our drive back to the states. I could write another story just trying to get back over the border though Mexicali.


1st Destry Abbott

2nd Justin Morrow

3rd Matt Henderson

Other Notes:

It was really great to see the top three guys all on Kawasaki?s (2 x 450?s, and one KX250). Since last year, there seems to be more green bikes then I can ever remember. I like it!

The day before the race Adam Booth (from Dirt Bike magazine)and I went and did a little photo shoot. Ron Lawson was doing a test on my 450 H&H race bike. He actually raced it in the morning race and did really well. Right after the race Jonny changed the wheels and checked some bolts, then I raced it for three hours. Be sure to look for the article on it.

A big thanks goes out to the Los Ancianos MC for putting on such a great race. It was also great of them to bring in that big storm Saturday night. I would highly recommend trying this race next year.

Last week I raced a local race here in Arizona (AMRA). It was really a great event and was put on like the ISDE qualifiers. I ended up winning with Steve Hatch second.

A huge congratulations goes out to the Reddish Family (from WORCS). Luke Reddish was born Friday Dec. 8th at 9:30 pm. I?m looking forward to seeing him at the first round.

I have some time off now to get ready for the first WORCS round on January 21. It?s here in Arizona and I plan on working really hard to make sure I have a great year in 2007!!!

Best Wishes,


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