Temecula, CA – In a difficult yet critical decision, it was announced today that James Stewart will withdraw from competing in the Genoa Supercross (Genoa, Italy) and Brisbane Super X (Brisbane, Australia) due to medical reasons. James was forced to withdraw from the 3rd day of racing the Bercy Supercross (Paris, France) and forfeit his potential win as a result of contracting a severe case of food poisoning. Upon return to the United States and his home base in Florida, James took minimal time to recover before getting back into an aggressive training and testing program for the upcoming races and 2010 Supercross season. After recent medical evaluation, his Doctor and L&M medical staff found his immune system to be dangerously compromised and James was advised by his Doctor and Team that he should discontinue any strenuous activity and not travel out of the country at this time.

When asked about the decision, James had this to say: “I am really bummed about not being able to race in Italy and Australia. I’ve had such a great experience racing internationally. The fans are incredible and the race organizations really go out of their way to support me racing. I really wish I could still go but after talking with my doctors and team it’s not in my best interest to jeopardize my health before the long Supercross season starts.”

Said Larry Brooks, Team San Manuel Manager “At this time, James will be focusing on getting healthy and preparing to defend his Supercross championship title. Taking time to improve his health and well being is our first priority.” James will continue to undergo medical evaluation and refrain from any kind of strenuous training activity until his Doctor and medical staff advise he is fit to resume.

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