Team FMF Suzuki report]

The team is still cleaning up from the mud fest in Ohio , but everybody is smiling. We have been racing GNCC’s since 1994 and this was with out a doubt the gnarliest race I can remember. As you well know southern Ohio is known for its slick conditions, well the skies opened this weekend and a true test was offered to not only the rider’s mud skills but the reliability of the machines. 

Jimmy Jarrett and Charlie “Chaz” Mullins grabbed the holeshot on the 2 stroke RM 250’s, Knighter had another good start and Paul “The badger” Whibbley and Joshua Strang both entered the woods in about 7th or 8th. By the time the riders got to the MX track Whib’s was in the lead and Joshua was in second. Jimmy and Charlie both rode in the top 5. The conditions were so bad that we had to change goggles and gloves every lap as well as pressure wash the bikes radiators and seats.  

Charlie elected to go without goggles and paid the price, he also smoked his clutch early on. Jimmy started to feel his clutch go as well, but he stopped using it and it came back. Mean while up front Josh had taken over the lead when Whib’s had problems and the Knighter was putting on a charge.  

The final two laps were pure survival, Knights bike sucked water, Josh and Whib’s kept the EFI 450 singing along. On the final lap Whib’s got by Josh somewhere before the MX track and took the win with Strang getting his third second place finish in a row. Jimmy would keep the little 2 stroke alive and garnered third.  

It was a huge day for the team, Whib’s is as tough as they come, he definitely has is own way of doing things, but there is no doubt that he will do what ever it takes to succeed. Joshua has now proven he can haul in the open of Loretta Lynn’s, handle the tight of the Carolina’s and is now considered one of the best mudders. In addition he is the best motocrosser out there.  

And most of all the new RM-Z450EFI is for real, both of our 450’s never sputtered or missed a beat, in these conditions it was a true testament to the durability and reliability of the bike.  

Team FMF Suzuki is now 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th overall in the series; we just have to keep pushing on.  

We get a little break and then it’s back to Kentucky for the next round.  



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