Team FMF Suzuki Off Road’s Nathan Woods Comes Back To WORCS

Team FMF Suzuki Off-Road’s Nathan Woods made his comeback ride on June 15, 2008 at Round six of the World Off Road Championship Series (WORCS)riding his RM-Z450 to a respectable seventh place overall in the field of off road greats.

Woods is a two-time WORCS Champion with more victories then any other rider in the history of the series. He was injured at round two when he crashed while running up front. The high speed get-off resulted in a severely broken collarbone that has kept the powerful Woods sidelined for the last four months.

‘I’ve got about 10 days of riding on the bike right now,’ said Nathan before the race. ‘And we’ll go out and see what we can do today.’

But Woods doesn’t go to the races just to ride. After a first-turn tangle up, Woods was far back in the pack. He began picking off riders one by one and moved up into the top ten before the first hour was up. A lightning fast pit stop by the Team FMF Suzuki Off Road crew kept Nathan in the hunt as he continued to move forward. WORCS races are two hours long and Nathan’s charge from the back brought him all the way up to seventh place overall before the checkered flag finally flew.

‘I’m supposed to be happy with a top ten finish,’ said Woods. ‘But I’m not, I’m not making any excuses for myself I’m supposed to be on the podium so that’s where I’m heading.’

Woods will return for WORCS round 7 in August in Washington and has also been selected to represent the United States as part of the US Trophy Team at the International Six Days Enduro in Greece this year.

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