Team FMF Suzuki Off Road Remains Undefeated in OMA Series

Team FMF Suzuki Off Road has had an impressive strong of victories in the months of May, June and July of 2008. The FMF Suzuki Off Road team has notched three straight wins in the GNCC Series and this past weekend FMF Suzuki rider Paul Whibley added to his record another OMA win to establish himself as the man to beat in OMA competition.

Here’s the race in Whibley’s own words, “My RMZ 450 fired up quickly and I rounded turn one in third place. Jimmy Jarrett, the holeshot king, led the way on his fast starting RM 250. I quickly moved into second and latched onto Jimmy’s back wheel as we entered the woods. I caught back up to Jimmy late in the second lap and the race was on. The track was pretty tight in places; this would make getting around lappers difficult. I some how got passed Jimmy and tried to open up a gap. We were soon in traffic and struggling to find a way around. Lucky some of the riders politely moved over to allow us through although some needed some encouragement like a 450 on the limiter. We both gassed up together and continued to battle it out. I made some mistakes and Jimmy took the lead and made a break for it. He was riding really well and I had to push hard to keep him in sight. On the last lap Jimmy still had the advantage and was leading the way. I pushed hard and mid lap made a pass around the outside on a sweeping choppy corner.  Jimmy fought back and retook the lead when I hesitated and took a bad line around a lapper. We both bounced off each other as our lines came together.  He shot to the lead determined to keep it to the finish, but I wanted to win just as bad and hounded him as the lap ran down. I saw a gap and made a risky pass through the weeds but it payed-off as I dove to the front as we entered another tight section. Jimmy made a last ditch attempt at a pass on the last corner but I had the inside covered and took the win.”
The victory makes it gives Whibley five overall wins so far this season with three OMA wins and two GNCC wins. It also makes Team FMF Suzuki Off Road undefeated this season in OMA competition.

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